Cohen electric gas stove kn98 is about to break it

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According to the "2017 national gas explosion accident data analysis report", 950 gas explosion news were publicly queried and counted in 2017, including 680 indoor gas explosion news and 270 outdoor gas leakage and explosion news. A total of 104 people were killed and 1145 + injured. In 2017, an average of 79 gas safety accidents occurred every month. In the first quarter of 2018, there were more than 177 reported indoor and outdoor gas accidents, resulting in 13 deaths and 141 + injuries. The safety of gas use has aroused widespread concern and attention. Cohen kitchen appliances, a professional quality manufacturer of kitchen appliances, has always believed that safety is the premise of all product research and development, and that additional experiences such as intelligence, convenience and efficiency should be innovated on the basis of safety. In order to solve the safety problem of gas stoves and provide users with a more efficient and convenient cooking experience. Cohen electric recently launched a new product - gas stove kn98, which realizes the control of firepower at will and has multiple safety guarantees

in terms of safety, Cohen gas stove kn98 has made great efforts. The thermocouple flameout protection device is designed to quickly cut off the gas source in case of accidental flameout to prevent gas leakage, which is safe and intimate. The anti backfire cover is designed, and the air in the cover is only used for one-time mixing, which can effectively prevent backfire from burning internal parts and eliminate potential safety hazards. In terms of details, Cohen kn86 gas stove adheres to Cohen's consistent humanized design concept: 8mm thick black crystal explosion-proof panel design, perfectly fits the Chinese kitchen, and has no gaps and dead corners, so that you can take care of it comfortably after every cooking; Anti oxidation and anti-corrosion all copper fire cover, durable; Electronic pulse with double needle injection technology, without continuous pressing, fast and accurate ignition, pinhole focusing and positioning fire cover design, focusing more accurately, reducing the occurrence of bias, misplacement and other situations, and humanized design makes safety better

it's a thousand miles away. The firepower range of 0.4kw-4.5kw can perfectly meet the firepower requirements of the whole system from heat preservation to stir frying. Cohen gas stove kn98 is equipped with 304 stainless steel stove head and upper and lower pure copper split burners, with a thermal efficiency of 63%. The national standard first-class energy efficiency makes the combustion more stable, lasting and complete. With the design of "double shaped energy ring", it can easily reach a 4.5kw explosion. At the same time, Cohen gas stove kn98 is equipped with four channel independent injection and full air inlet design, which can make the mixing of gas and air in the inner circle of the stove more efficient. The perfect combination of the two can realize precise control of each combustion chamber, and comprehensively improve the "firepower range" and "operation accuracy", reaching a candle fire level of 0.4KW

with the continuous upgrading of consumption concept and the gradual enhancement of health and environmental protection awareness, people's demand for gas stove products has also gradually increased. For the purchase of gas stoves, in the concept of modern life, safety and practicality are equally important standards for the purchase of gas stoves. In the future, Cohen will continue to lead the consumption trend, innovate and create intelligent, efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly kitchen appliances on the premise of safety




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