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The beautiful feelings of being close to nature and retreating to nature are always so desirable. However, living in high-rise buildings, if we don't go out to play, how can we encounter the exciting "poetry" and "distance"

living in a modern big city is closely surrounded by noise and noise every day. The fast-paced lifestyle has obviously greatly limited our quality of life

therefore, the beautiful feelings of being close to nature and retreating to nature are always so desirable

but if we don't go out to play, how can we encounter the exciting "poetry" and "distance"

don't lose heart. As long as you make good use of your balcony, you can also have your own private garden

but before transforming the balcony, many people may ask their souls: where are the clothes drying

Oh, don't be limited by poverty! In fact, there are many ways to dry clothes, depending on whether you are willing to think in a different way ~ ~ ~

in foreign countries, due to the constraints of laws and traditional habits, the dryer is almost a necessary choice for every household. In addition to the taste of no sunshine, it has many advantages, such as sterilization, drying, saving time, cleaning and hygiene

however, sun drying clothes is the quintessence of our country. How can we give up just by giving up! Well, other science shows that the smell of sunlight we smell is the smell of dead microorganisms, mixed with the smell of ozone. (inexplicably feel terrible ~ ~ ~)

however, if you are a person who loves sunshine and are very persistent, Xiaobian will recommend mobile folding clothes hangers, hidden clothes hangers, retractable stainless steel clothes lines, etc. for you. They are all good choices ~ ~ ~

well, let's get to the point. As the living area closest to outdoor sunshine and scenery, what can the balcony look like

today I want to share the balcony series of others' houses

if you want a more emotional and poetic life, you might as well build the balcony into a "mini garden". Because of the sunshine, flowers, breeze and fresh air, the small square earth has instantly become a refreshing place

pave the balcony floor with environmentally friendly and natural antiseptic wood, match it with some simple outdoor furniture without losing the sense of design, plant flowers and plants, and decorate it into a comfortable leisure area. Every perspective can become a beautiful scenery

what a pleasant picture it is to sit on the balcony, bask in the sun, paint, and rest on the sofa when tired

"in the garden balcony, the heart belongs to Taoyuan nature", every leisurely day makes people feel very happy

in leisure time, or immersed in the rich natural atmosphere, enjoy tea and reading, and enjoy leisure

or in a lazy afternoon, meet three or five friends to taste coffee and gossip about home style. There is nothing like this in your dream life

stand on the balcony, look into the distance, and feel the artistic conception of this life carefully. The breeze gently blows your cheeks, the tea is full of fragrance, and a faint joy ripples in the bottom of your heart ~ ~ ~ time seems to be stationary for this

when night falls, it's a sweet and romantic enjoyment to watch the stars and the moon with your lover

when the charming flowers and plants cover the whole balcony, it is a unique scenic spot in spring, summer, autumn and winter

life is not only about firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, but also about music, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and wine. Don't make do with it, so you can live up to your hard and busy self ~ ~ ~

it will be more convenient to spread artificial lawn on the balcony, and this fresh color will seem to pull you into nature at once

the combination of preservative wood, pebbles and artificial lawn will make the whole balcony more layered, practical and beautiful

it will be more flexible to place some convenient furniture on the open balcony ~ ~ ~

choose the split outdoor sofa, which not only has the functions of waterproof and convenient cleaning, but also greatly reduces the burden of handling

if you live on the top floor, you may also have an enviable terrace with larger area and more functions. All kinds of scenes in life can be staged here

it is an ideal choice to enter literature and art, return home, plant flowers on the terrace, make tea, rest, roll strings, and sightseeing

during the day, you deal with all kinds of people in the workplace. At night, when you get home, you can remove your armor and fully enjoy the quiet time of two people

the influence and significance of balcony to us have already penetrated into every bit of life. If you also want a beautiful and practical balcony like others' homes, start rebuilding it quickly

(source of this article: Kanoya whole house customization)





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