Italy House Beijing sponsors the marketing course

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Recently, Communication University of China's courses on enterprise marketing have arrived as scheduled, and Italy House Beijing, as its long-term sponsor, has been paying attention to such activities. Through such open courses, more enterprise users and individuals can feel the wonderful power of knowledge

Italian home Beijing is subordinate to Beijing humon Xinda International Trade Co., Ltd. he has successively set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao and Guiyang, focusing on building a comprehensive service platform for Italian high-end home furnishings

the address of Italian House Beijing is located in building b-004, north area of Huantie Art City, dahuanli, Jiangtai Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It includes a large furniture exhibition hall, which includes imported furniture such as European dresser, European sofa, European double bed, brand chandelier, chest of drawers, etc. all of which are imported from Europe with original packaging, and the price is about 60% off that of the exclusive store, ensuring that the process and design are at the forefront of the industry

the furniture brand sponsored this time is zanaboni's chair and coffee table. As a well-known Italian brand, zanaboni has always been regarded as a synonym for Italian classical luxury furniture, and the baroque style is vividly interpreted with traditional hand-made solid wood carving technology. Both the workmanship and material selection of this chair and coffee table highlight the elegance and high-end of European furniture

Italy House Beijing is very happy to support such academic open class activities. It cooperates with the Communication University of China to sponsor open classes. It is Italy House Beijing that believes in making the power of knowledge change modern life. She believes in using the power of classic furniture to improve the quality of life, and hopes that the quality of life will always be around every user





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