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In October, the plastic PP market trend experts predicted that in September, the negative factors in the domestic polyolefin market obviously occupied the upper edge. It was difficult to release the negative effects of crude oil and outer market plus ethylene propylene monomer on the market, as well as the poor enthusiasm of middlemen and downstream to enter the market, the sluggish demand and the heavy inventory pressure of enterprises, which pushed the market price downward

market trend characteristics and factor analysis in September:

the polypropylene market fell under the cover of bad conditions

in September, the continuous decline of international oil prices made the downstream polypropylene plants wait for the arrival of the bottom of the market under the psychological effect of "buying up but not buying down". The bad factors covered the market. The general downward trend had become the overall situation at the beginning of the month, and the reduction of ex factory prices by petrochemical enterprises also caused the market to fall. Traders actively ship to avoid risks, but they say that even if the price is reduced, it will not help sales. Therefore, they basically maintain a certain shipping rhythm at the flat price. At present, whether the oil price of the twin-screw extruder for graphene like materials will exceed $60/barrel has become a key factor to support everyone's mentality due to its less heat generated by friction, more uniform shearing of materials, large screw conveying capacity, stable extrusion capacity and long stay of materials in the barrel

october market forecast


in the near future, there is no surplus inventory in the downstream of domestic polypropylene for a long time. At present, there is a great potential for terminal demand. Only because the continuous decline of oil price has made the market depressed, the transaction is seriously blocked, and Petrochemical has no choice but to continue to reduce the price under the pressure of inventory

although some domestic units are shut down for maintenance, the digestion of inventory will still pose great pressure on domestic suppliers. In addition, the market is in a low demand season, and the impact of uncertain factors such as oil price on the factory's purchase intention is further amplified. Compared with related products, polypropylene pellets are still at a high level, so it is expected that the price will continue to decrease, but at a slower rate. In terms of powder materials, the price difference between the north and the south is wide. From the cheap north such as the northeast, the current price is gradually accepted by customers, so it is expected that the price will be relatively stable. However, the changes of domestic petrochemicals and oil prices are uncertain and important factors for the market

on the whole, the short positions in the polypropylene market have not been exhausted. It is expected that the future market will maintain a downward trend, and merchants will actively seek to ship

it is difficult for the market to make a big improvement

to sum up, some domestic petrochemical enterprises have lowered the ex factory price, the actual transaction price is low, and the operating rate of some enterprises is insufficient. At present, the upstream international crude oil and styrene continue to fall sharply, the market pressure increases, the mentality is more confused, and buyers continue to leave the market to wait and see; At present, the merchants receive less goods, and the manufacturers begin to gradually reduce the ex factory price and reduce the operating rate to reduce the inventory pressure; However, the overall market situation is weak, the quotation is diving, the actual transaction price is low, and some goods are sold, but the transaction is average; The downstream is still in a wait-and-see state, the buying performance is insufficient, and the transaction is still light. Therefore, it is expected that the market will basically be in a slight adjustment trend in the near future, and the overall market may still be light in October, basically falling or rising with the oscillation of the energy market

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