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The expert forum on revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry was held in Beijing. On December 12, the "China Innovation Forum from manufacturing to creation - Expert Forum on revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry", sponsored by China Association for science and technology and organized by China Society of mechanical engineering, was grandly held in China Science and Technology Hall in Beijing. Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote report entitled "towards green and intelligent manufacturing: the road to the development of manufacturing in China"

polycarbonate and Harbin Institute of technology have established a graphene utilization technology laboratory. Luyongxiang pointed out that the contradiction between the global environment, energy constraints and economic and social development has become more prominent, which determines that the manufacturing industry must change the previous extensive development mode; The environment and energy issues bring not only challenges but also opportunities. Strategic emerging industries will emerge with the help of the financial crisis. Whoever seizes the opportunities will gain the initiative in the future competition. The concept of harmonious environment requires the machinery manufacturing industry to enhance its capacity for sustainable development, the energy consumption structure promotes the transformation of the machinery manufacturing industry to a saving type, and the strategic emerging industries promote the development of the machinery manufacturing industry to a higher level. Green tape testing, classified manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing are the "key words" of strategic emerging industries in the future. Developing strategic emerging industries is the fundamental way for China to change its development mode, adjust its industrial structure, and seize the commanding height of a new round of development. It is also a major strategic choice based on the current situation, overcoming difficulties, and focusing on the long-term and improving the level. To develop strategic emerging industries, we must master the core key technologies. Green and intelligent manufacturing are inseparable from strategic emerging industries. Intelligent manufacturing is an important support for the development of strategic emerging industries! Therefore, moving towards green and intelligent manufacturing is the only way for the development of China's manufacturing industry

Zhangqin, Secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for science and technology, and wangruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. At the opening ceremony of the conference, the 2009 China machinery industry science and Technology Award and the China Society of Mechanical Engineering Science and technology award ceremony were held, and a number of achievements such as the anthology of "from manufacturing to creation - the road of independent innovation in China's equipment manufacturing industry", the collection of green manufacturing cases, and the research reports of 8 industries such as CNC machine tools and mechanical basic parts were released, which won the standard accessories (attachments) of the participants: leaders Positive comments from experts and industry circles

subsequently, a round table dialogue was held with the theme of "new opportunities brought about by the economic crisis". The innovation and Industrial Competitiveness Forum, the green manufacturing and China WPC established three parallel forums in Dusseldorf, Germany, in october2013: the low carbon economic development forum, the smart manufacturing and the future development forum of made in China, and more than 20 elites and experts from all walks of life, including industry, science and technology, and economic circles at home and abroad, This paper discusses the difficulties faced by the manufacturing industry in China, especially the equipment manufacturing industry, under the background of the economic crisis and various factors restricting its development, and the ways and means to enhance the independent innovation ability of China's manufacturing industry and comprehensively enhance the industrial competitiveness, so as to gradually promote the innovation process of China's manufacturing industry, guide and help enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability, create their own brands, and strive to achieve green manufacturing, Realize the historic leap from "made in China" to "made in China"

more than 400 experts and scholars from the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, China Association for science and technology, China Machinery Industry Federation and relevant departments in the fields of science and technology and economy, as well as entrepreneurs and technical directors in the manufacturing industry attended the event

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