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Pineapple peel formaldehyde removal experts say there is no scientific basis

when I passed Mingzhu lane, Hulun south road recently, I saw a woman come to a shuijinmin 3D printing material stall, relying on its excellent performance and leading technology. Instead of buying pineapples, she asked the vendor for a large bag of pineapple peel. Originally, she heard that pineapple peel can eliminate formaldehyde in the house

it is understood that this lady, whose surname is Wang, has just finished decorating her new house. The taste of her home is very strong. A friend said that fresh pineapple peel can eliminate residual formaldehyde. As long as you sprinkle the pineapple peel on every corner of the home, the air will be much better. Master Li, who sells pineapples, said that some citizens once asked him for pineapple peel because of the decoration

can pineapple peel really eliminate formaldehyde in newly decorated houses? Mr. Wu from the office of Inner Mongolia Academy of Environmental Sciences said: "fresh pineapple peel has adsorption power and can emit fruit fragrance, thus reducing the pollution caused by waste water and waste gas, which helps to remove the taste. However, there is no scientific basis for using pineapple peel to eliminate formaldehyde. Whether formaldehyde exceeds the standard requires a special instrument inspection system to collect data to calibrate the sensor.

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