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On April 28, the first printing industry expert fellowship and the 11th five year printing industry development planning forum jointly organized by the General Administration of press, Beijing Printing Institute and Bisheng was held. At the meeting, experts proposed that the printing industry has always been called a sunrise industry, but it should not be blindly optimistic without considering the reality. The eleventh five year plan should be based on a correct understanding of the current situation of the industry. With such a frank and open mind, the experts still raised many sharp problems in the printing industry and had a heated discussion in the face of the beautiful expectations of government officials for macro policies. The following is a brief description of the six hot topics discussed on the conference

hot spot 1: unreasonable profit distribution in the compilation and printing process

this hot spot was first put forward by renyucheng, executive vice president of Beijing Printing Association, and received a resonance. It has been a long-standing problem that there are disputes over the distribution of profits. It has always been a "hard bone" for associations that want to participate in solving this problem. As the intermediate link between publishing houses and distribution, printing enterprises play a role in the process of copying manuscripts, expanding the number, expanding the influence, and even materializing electronic manuscripts. It is such a pivotal link that is extremely unequal compared with and distribution in the whole profit distribution. There is a saying - Book Writers sit and write, book printers kneel and print, and book sellers stand and sell! This is enough to explain this inequality. At the same time, compared with printing and distribution, printing is a high input industry, which is in sharp contrast to its low profits. This is also the reason why people in the printing industry are angry. What can't be done is that the publishing house is the customer and "God" of the printing enterprise, and the printing enterprise can only compromise. This phenomenon can be accepted when there is profit space. However, when the printing enterprise has entered the "era of meager profits", if the printing enterprise still "swallow up", what will it rely on to make profits, eat, or even continue to serve the "God"? This is a problem that experts are worried about, and it is also suggested that countries can solve this problem that has not been solved for decades through macro-control

hot spot 2: triangle debt problem

triangle debt problem is also one of the common problems in the industry that has been "pending" for a long time. Pizza hut has also conducted an investigation on this problem, and the situation is not optimistic. 70% of the respondents have encountered triangle debt problems, of which nearly half of the enterprises involved funds between 1million yuan and 5million yuan. The most involved party in triangle debt is the bank cooling standby bank, And it is generally believed that there are two important channels to solve this problem: first, the three parties conduct open and frank negotiations; The second is to borrow legal means. At the fraternity meeting, experts raised this issue that seems to be tacit to everyone in the industry. They said that nowadays printing enterprises are struggling with low profits. Even under such circumstances, the triangle debt problem is still rampant. This problem deserves everyone's attention and joint efforts to solve it. From the data we surveyed before, we can confirm the degree of concern. However, it is not enough to solve this problem only with the attention of enterprises, but also with the coordination of relevant government departments through national macro policies. Government representatives attending the meeting also expressed that they would attach importance to it

hot spot 3: unreasonable tax system. First of all, the experts pointed out that the printing industry has been regarded as a part of the cultural industry for many years and plays an important role in disseminating cultural information, but the state has always made it bear the tax of industrial standards, which is an unfair treatment for the printing industry. Secondly, chairman caofengling raised the issue of unreasonable collection of value-added tax on printing enterprises. The value-added tax on printing enterprises is more than twice that of publishing enterprises. The packaging and testing industry, especially the paper product packaging and testing instruments, can also be said to have ushered in a good development prospect. On this point, neither the publication administration nor the experts in the association have stopped proposing. I hope the state can come up with specific solutions. The third is the tariff system for imported equipment, which is an issue of great appeal. Based on the current development of printing technology in China, imported equipment accounts for a considerable proportion. If the tariff can not be adjusted "with the times", it is bound to produce more problems that can compete with many American made equipment

hot spot 4: the post press did not receive the due attention

even the government officials who were born in printing enterprises thought that "the post press is actually a porter, which can only solve the problem of personnel employment". The degree of social understanding of the post press is really evident! Wang huaizhu, a post press expert who has been committed to the development of China's post press cause, expressed great opposition! She said that if the printing workers were kneeling to print, they would do it on their knees after printing. The general lack of attention to post press in the industry has resulted in the current shortage of post press talents. Even Beijing Institute of printing, an institution of higher learning in the printing industry, has not set up post press courses. Nowadays, the progressiveness of post press equipment is obvious to all. In the final analysis, the final quality of printed products depends on the post press quality, which is beyond doubt. We can not always stay at the level of old ideas. At the same time, Mr. Wang huaizhu pointed out sharply the problem of post press environmental protection. 30% of enterprises still use the solvent based coating containing toluene. If workers work in such a workshop for a long time, the white blood cells in their bodies will decrease significantly after three years, leading to white blood disease. This is not alarmist. There is no time to delay

hot spot 5: the development of the international market is not as easy as expected.

the eleventh five year plan focuses on the printing industry to develop not only the domestic market, but also the international market in the next five years. However, while agreeing with this policy, President gaoyongqing said that the competition of printing enterprises in the international market is not as easy as everyone imagined. Why do you say that? Compared with the domestic market, the international market seems to be broader, with more orders and many large orders. But how many enterprises have set foot in the international market and achieved success? How much profit? Very questionable. In fact, we can see that the eliminated accounts for a large proportion. Chairman gaoyongqing said that the current actual situation is getting worse and worse. Taking the original price of 10 yuan as an example, it has become the current 7 yuan after cutting again and again, which is already in a situation of no money. The result of this can only be to reduce the working benefits of workers, lengthen working hours, and constantly reduce other costs to make up for this gap, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. In the final analysis, blindly entering the international market is not desirable, and this should also be included in the scope of the eleventh five year plan

hot spot 6: there are many associations, many activities, and enterprises are difficult.

the printing industry has gradually entered the era of low profit, which has become the consensus of all industry insiders. A few years ago, a printing enterprise may be able to recover the cost by buying a Heidelberg equipment in two years, but now it may not be able to recover it in eight or ten years. In such a situation, how to deal with the situation that everything else is rising except the wages are falling again and again has become the concern of everyone in the industry. The experts call for reducing the burden of printing enterprises from all aspects is also crucial! Enterprise representatives also said that there are many activities now, and there are indeed many excellent products and various learning opportunities. However, if they all participate in the activities, they will not only consume a lot of time, but also can not afford the funds. As an association, it is a bridge between the government and enterprises. It should do more practical things for the development of the industry and the interests of enterprises, and provide a loose development environment for enterprises - combine the organizations that can be combined and the activities that can be combined. This provides a convenient premise for enterprises to participate in various effective activities conducive to their own development

the aluminum alloy electronic universal testing machine has its own superior performance compared with other hydraulic data testing machines. Therefore, a discussion is formed because the superior government is blindly optimistic about the development of the printing industry. The new 11th five year plan has been laid down again. As president gaoyongqing said, "there is no problem in completing it, but there are many difficulties." The main problem lies in not considering the actual situation of the industry development. If we can't really understand the actual difficulties in the industry development, we just want to make great achievements and blindly advertise the macro prospects, just as the experts at the meeting said, "it is our industry that will be hurt in the end!"

information source: Bisheng

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