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An Expert Symposium on self-adhesive label printing machine will be held next month. Beijing ouluxinda Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is scheduled to hold an Expert Symposium on self-adhesive label printing machine in the headquarters of the company on August 7, 2009 to avoid rusting of columns without lubrication for a long time. At that time, the e asphalt composite flexible waterproof coiled material jc/t690 ⑵ 008lz-300 intelligent intermittent self-adhesive label printing machine of ouluxinda will be demonstrated on site. The elz-300 intelligent intermittent self-adhesive label printer is a high-speed self-adhesive label printer with no axis servo drive. It uses a UV drying device made in Taiwan, and the use of a mobile touch screen operating station. Liaoning's operation of the whole machine is more humanized, more convenient and safe. During the conference, experts, scholars, association leaders and representatives from the printing industry will be invited to analyze the situation faced by the label industry and the current equipment status of label printing equipment in China. It is expected that more than 20 experts and representatives from self-adhesive label printing enterprises in Beijing and surrounding areas will participate in the symposium. Continental Xinda also hopes to normalize this form of Symposium and hold it regularly every year to promote exchanges and communication among label printing enterprises in Beijing

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