CSIC strives to establish an intelligent manufactu

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CSIC strives to establish an intelligent manufacturing standard system by 2020

CSIC strives to establish an intelligent manufacturing standard system by 2020

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it was learned from the CSIC intelligent manufacturing standard system construction seminar on September 8 that the group company strives to establish a relatively perfect intelligent manufacturing standard system by 2020 to achieve full coverage of basic common standards and key technical standards, And it is promoted and applied throughout the group. Don't put down the experimental machine due to inaccessible doors or height problems. CSIC is the largest and most capable shipbuilding and marine equipment manufacturing enterprise group in China. At present, it is actively and steadily promoting intelligent manufacturing throughout the group. It has carried out a number of work, such as the research on the top-level scheme of intelligent manufacturing, the demonstration of the 13th five year plan for intelligent manufacturing, and the construction of the standard system, in order to promote the group's intelligent factory, intelligent n=130; The construction of Huiyuan Institute will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry, and create an innovative leading enterprise with military civilian integration, leading technology and integration of industry and finance

3. The experimental method is simple and rapid

with the increasing depth and breadth of the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment, CSIC has initially formed an intelligent manufacturing equipment system represented by new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, and automated complete production lines. However, it is imperative to realize the interconnection of manufacturing links, eliminate "language barriers", and promote the standardization of intelligent manufacturing across industries and fields

according to the characteristics of its business covering the whole process of ship and marine equipment design, construction, test and support, the group company will carry out integrated optimization design and integrated parallel collaborative development for the complex giant system of ships. The company's products are widely used in: automotive electronics, the general trend of shipbuilding mode transformation and industrial transformation and upgrading, and super large-scale system engineering management in the whole life cycle, Rely on the 714 Research Institute to focus on the total construction of intelligent manufacturing standard system. At the same time, integrate the strength of the whole group, build a standard framework system composed of overall standards, key technical standards, collaborative standards and professional standards, and establish a dynamic improvement mechanism of the standard system, gradually forming a strong standard support for intelligent manufacturing. (this article is from CSIC)

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