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CSG has always been in the leading position in the deep processing of traditional glass

CSG is a typical representative of vertical integration in the glass industry. Its ultra-thin float glass is in the leading level in China, and the deep processing of traditional glass is always in the leading position in China

expand and strengthen the glass industry

the company's development strategy in the next few years is to carefully build the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of float glass industry, engineering glass industry, fine glass industry and solar energy industry

in the traditional glass industry, we should create a complete glass industry chain, vigorously develop energy-saving engineering glass, and ensure the rapid development of energy-saving engineering glass with self-produced high-quality float glass originals. At the same time, we should systematically plan the industrial layout of float glass around the industrial layout of engineering glass

in the field of fine glass, the company will improve the market competitiveness of fine glass by developing high value-added products with leading technology through R & D and innovation and closely tracking market cutting-edge technologies. At present, the company's new energy-saving insulating glass projects in Wujiang and Tianjin have started the installation and commissioning of phase I engineering equipment, and some equipment has entered the trial production stage. The Dongguan engineering glass deep processing base project has entered the trial production stage after completing the relocation of project equipment and the installation and commissioning of new equipment. With the continuous expansion of the company's industrial scale, its leading position in the industry will be further consolidated, and its overall competitiveness is expected to rise to a higher level

the prospect of solar energy industry is expected

while focusing on the main industry of glass, the company will also develop the main industry of solar energy with polysilicon as the core in the future, strive to form a new profit growth point in the field of solar energy, and become the only industrial group in China that has core competitiveness in the field of energy-saving glass and solar energy industry at the same time. Last year's annual report showed that the civil work of the company's new 1500 ton/year polysilicon project has been fully launched, most of the equipment procurement bidding work has been completed, and is expected to enter trial production in the second half of this year, while the equipment of the solar photovoltaic cell project has also been in place. At present, it has entered the installation and commissioning stage, and is expected to be put into production in the first half of 2008. According to the national energy policy on energy conservation and renewable energy, the company guides the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and its own advantages, formulates and implements the plan to build a complete solar photovoltaic industry chain, which will have a far-reaching impact on its long-term development, and the positive progress of relevant projects will also bring more imagination to it

high profit growth expectations

United Securities believes that the performance of the company's glass business can support the current stock price and has a high margin of safety. If the polysilicon project is put into production on schedule, it is expected that the EPS will reach the rapid increase in production costs of researchers who continuously improve the industrial batch production management system (sutd) at the University of science and technology design of Singapore from 2009 to 2010. They have developed a kind of reprocessable thermosetting 3D printing materials (3dprts) to 1. 59 yuan and 2. 19 yuan, it is suggested to increase holdings

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