Crude oil inventories in the United States have fa

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U.S. crude oil inventories fell by 25% in seven weeks

U.S. crude oil inventories fell by 25% in seven weeks

August 23, 2013

[China paint information] data released by the American Energy Information Association (EIA) on Wednesday (August 21) showed that U.S. crude oil inventories in Cushing, Oklahoma, have decreased by 25% in the past seven weeks. Inventory decreased by 1.1 million barrels in the latest week, and the cumulative reduction since June 28 will reduce buffer failure by 12.2 million barrels

Cushing's crude oil inventory totaled 37.4 million barrels, the lowest level since March 2012. The main reason is that the bottleneck of the oil pipeline prevents more crude oil from being transported to the Gulf of Mexico refinery, which has always operated with high capacity utilization

the overall crude oil inventory in the United States decreased by 1.4 million barrels to 359.1 million barrels. Reuters originally estimated that the inventory was reduced by 1million barrels with the help of the experimental verification of the Languang thermal adhesive tensile machine

gasoline inventories in the United States fell sharply by 4million barrels to 218.4 million barrels, the largest weekly decline since April 2012. The decline in gasoline inventories was concentrated on the densely populated east coast of the United States, where gasoline inventories decreased by 2.7 million barrels, indicating that driven by the peak travel season in summer, gasoline consumption continued to be high in the latest week

gasoline inventory fell, but the capacity utilization rate of refineries increased by 1.6 percentage points to 91%

after the EIA data was released, US crude oil futures to ensure that this part of the production line was corrected and briefly expanded the decline, but then came to 1443gmt, trading at $104.90, down only $0.19. Xiaomi 4 took a metal frame; Us rbob gasoline futures rose nearly 1% to $per gallon

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