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On the "war epidemic" road, CRRC Changjiang group delivered the Australian export order 12 days in advance.

on the "war epidemic" road, the head of CRRC had to adjust the mold closing pressure. On the "war epidemic" road, CRRC Changjiang group delivered the Australian export order 12 days in advance.

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on April 11, CRRC Changjiang group exported Australia. Such methods were mainly used for impact experiments. The last batch of the Central Asia vehicle project set sail from Shanghai port, It is expected to arrive at Hedland port in Australia in late April. Under the influence of overcoming the adverse factors of the epidemic, CRRC Changjiang group delivered products with high quality 12 days in advance, which was highly affirmed by Australian customers

the production of this order was started in November 2019, and was manufactured by CRRC Changjiang Zhuzhou company. During this period, it was seriously affected by the epidemic, and the project plan originally scheduled to restart on February 6 was delayed due to poor natural conditions. Under the multiple difficulties of epidemic risk, personnel tension and lack of resources, CRRC Changjiang group withstood the pressure of production organization, took customer demand as the center and production plan as the command, actively maintained communication with customers, closely combined with reality, actively changed the way of quality control, started resumption of work and production on the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, took various measures and carefully organized, and strengthened on-site technical services, To ensure product quality control and epidemic prevention, the vehicle assembly was completed on March 19 and 29, and all vehicles were delivered 12 days in advance, which won time for customers

since 2003, CRRC Changjiang group and the customer have maintained close cooperation for a long time. The Chinese government launched close cooperation in February. The two sides have worked together for 17 years in the spirit of frank exchanges and sincere cooperation. At present, CRRC Changjiang group has provided it with a total of nearly 3000 vehicles of 8 different types, including ore gondola, flat car, tank car, slag hopper car, etc. At the same time, CRRC Changjiang group helped customers increase production, implement the upgrading and transformation plan, and improve transportation efficiency. It has successively developed and supplied the world's first 40 ton axle load ore gondola, making "impossible" a "possibility". In 2014, it broke the world record again, supplying it with the world's first batch of 42 ton axle load ore gondola, helping it become a mining giant with the largest axle load vehicle commercial operation experience in the world, It has won high praise from customers and the market. Now, CRRC Changjiang group has become the most trusted and important vehicle supplier for this customer

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