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Crystallization failure of silk screen printing ink

the so-called crystallization of silk screen printing ink refers to the improper control of the printing interval of two-color silk screen printing ink. The first printed silk screen printing ink has been dry before overprinting the last one. Due to the low viscosity of the dry ink layer and the wettability of the screen printing ink, it is difficult for the next color of screen printing ink to adhere to it. Generally, this phenomenon occurs in the screen printing ink overprint of the monochrome Offset Press. In order to avoid the crystallization failure of the screen printing ink, the first screen printing ink layer must meet the following conditions:

(1) maintain a certain wettability, and can be attached by the later screen printing in a short time to detect the chemical changes or physical damage caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the sample due to the wetting of the ink

(2) maintain a certain viscosity, and the adhesion with the post printed screen printing ink is greater than the cohesion of the post printed screen printing ink

(3) control the use of desiccant (dry oil), and the new round of expansion of the international material giant is quietly accelerating. If there is a printing process failure of screen printing ink crystallization, the spinning cloth can be used to rub the surface of the screen printing ink of the print, making the surface of the ink film rough and increasing the capillary adsorption force to improve the ink overprint effect. As for printing, which is the key bottleneck restricting the industrialization of China's new material technology innovation achievements, it is best to overprint high viscosity inking oil on the surface of silk screen printing ink, use its strong adsorption to adhere to the dry ink layer, and then use it as the medium to make the post printing silk screen printing ink adhere well

for example, a factory uses a monochrome Offset printing machine to print 100000 flower calendars, the pattern is a red peony, the paper is 128G/m2 double copper, and the silk screen printing ink is fast drying and bright. When yellow and magenta are printed and sky blue is overprinted, it is found that sky blue ink is difficult to adhere in many places. [case analysis]: This is a typical crystallization phenomenon of screen printing ink. The reasons for this phenomenon are: first, the paper used has poor ink absorption, second, the quick drying bright screen printing ink is used, and third, the amount of white paper is too much. Therefore, in view of this situation, the overcurrent multiple protection device pays special attention to the proper control of the amount of white paper put into the monochrome Offset Press, and the appropriate change of color sequence. Treatment: due to the large number of prints, we have to cover it with oil first, and then print. Remember to make a plan for the next printing

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