Hottest November 2, 2009 China plastic price index

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China Plastics price index at 15:00 on November 2, 2009

China Plastics price index at 15:00 on November 2:



rise and fall

China Plastics index


↓ 6.31

China Plastics warehouse receipt index


↓ 12.31

China Plastics cash index



↓ 0.13

oil prices fell 2.87 on Friday, successfully holding the second meeting of the equipment group of the China Russia Industrial Commission, with us dollars reaching US $77.00 per barrel Yuan. During this period, the plastic warehouse receipt market oscillated slowly and rose, filling in a slight decline. The spot market ignored the decline in oil prices, and merchants made firm offers. At 15:00, the China Plastics index closed at 959.44, up 1.94 points from 10:00 a.m., down 6.31 points from the previous trading day

its effectiveness will also be much higher than that of the DC hydraulic system. This morning and now, the heavy fall in crude oil has put pressure on the plastic market. Most of the main players opened at a medium low range. The early disk oscillation was downward, and the decline was further expanded. The market transaction was still light, the short side pressure was not strong, and the market order remained stable in the same period. After 10 o'clock, boosted by the rebound of a shares, the main force rose step by step, covering part of the decline in the opening market. The market turnover increased slightly year-on-year. The commission ratio showed that the majority of sales were still in the market range, and it was difficult to continue to rise. The trading ended at 11:30 am, and the warehouse receipt index rose 1.01 points from 10:00. In the afternoon opening, driven by the strong performance of a shares, the main warehouse receipts maintained a shock recovery trend, and the decline in the early closing was further reduced. The decline in linear warehouse receipts as a whole was within 100 points, and PP warehouse receipts also made up half of the decline in the opening, but the disk volume was still poor, and the order remained stable. The China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 907.87, up 2.49 points from 10 a.m., down 12.31 points from the previous trading day. Today's warehouse receipt market trading was poor, with a small increase in trading volume and a decline in order volume

following the ex factory quotation after 10:00 a.m., PP increased by yuan/ton, PE increased by yuan/ton, and PVC decreased by 50 yuan/ton. In the spot market, the raw material market of Yuyao Plastic City quoted prices in the afternoon, with an adjustment of RMB/ton for individual PP brands, RMB/ton for individual PE brands, RMB/ton for individual ABS brands, and RMB/ton for individual PS brands. The China Plastics spot index was reported at 1021.56 points, up 0.77 points from 10:00 a.m., down 0.1

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