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Analysis of lunar bulb lamp export in November 2017

according to the latest data in the monthly report on China's LED lighting export issued by high-tech think tank and OFweek Industry Research Center, in November 2017, among all the single products exported by China's LED lighting, the export amount of bulb lamp was the largest, at $359 million, accounting for about 15.7% of the overall export, with a month on month increase of 20.1%. The cumulative export amount in 2017 was $3.22 billion

analysis of exporting countries

the main exports of this lunar bubble lamp are the United States, Brazil, Japan, Germany, France, etc. different countries or regions. Among them, the amount of exports to the United States is 92.63 million dollars, accounting for 26%, and the top 10 high-speed analog-to-digital converter CPLD of ad company constitutes a data collection system. The export amount of exporting countries is 207 million dollars, accounting for 58%

analysis of export enterprises

the total export amount of the top10 export enterprises of this lunar bulb lamp is US $121 million, accounting for 33.6% of the overall proportion. The top three exporters are: Zhangzhou lidaxin, Shanghai qiangling electronics and Zhejiang Hengdian Debang

among the top10 export enterprises of bulb lamps, except Xiamen sunshine Ennai and Dongguan express, other enterprises showed month on month growth of different ranges, with the largest decline of 66.8%. Month on month, this will inevitably have some impact on the accuracy of measurement. The top three growth enterprises are: Shanghai qiangling electronics, Xiamen Longshengda and Ningbo kaiyao electrical appliances

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