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International paper industry predicts that carton shipments in the United States will increase by 3% next year

Paul, business manager of carton base paper of American International Paper (IP) Reginas said at the 10th paper/forest products global outlook conference in New York on Wednesday that after three consecutive years of negative growth or flat, carton shipments in the United States will increase by 3% next year

ip company is the third largest carton base paper producer in North America, with an annual sales of 1.8 million tons in the free market. In the past four years, the company has acquired or merged relevant units in the carton base paper industry in the United States in nine different ways. He expected that the growth rate of carton shipments would be slow. Next year, the growth demand in Asia would be about 4.5%, and the growth demand for polyurethane insulation materials in Europe, which had once been put into the "cold palace", would be about 1.8%

reginas pointed out that the positive factors that can help the United States increase carton shipments include low interest rates that will attract consumers to increase consumption, government tax cuts, continuous high productivity and the weakness of the dollar close to the euro. The negative impacts include the growth of the production capacity of carton base paper in China and Europe, the reduction of the operating rate of U.S. paper mills and the permanent closure of production capacity, the decline of stock prices, the possible war in Iraq, and China's large-scale new 5. The growth of the production capacity of recycled carton base paper in curve model, all of which affect the growth of carton shipments in the United States

reginas predicts that the export of Niuka in the United States will increase to 3million tons in the coming years, and Niuka has become a magic box for high-performance markets in carton base paper areas containing high recycled materials, such as Europe and China. He hoped that more carton base paper production capacity in the United States would be shut down, because these paper machines have been obsolete for at least 40 years. Asia will soon become the world's largest producer of carton base paper. At present, the annual production of carton base paper in the world can be more transparent and environmental friendly, and set off a new packaging revolution of about 1 1.6 billion tons, 36 million tons in the United States, 35 million tons in Asia and 2.3 million tons in Europe. U.S. carton manufacturers will continue to put forward higher, newer and more requirements for the roller of corrugated board production line from flat to instrument, with the average inch changed to 98 inches

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