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Application of man-machine interface in automatic in-situ cleaning machine

I. overview

with the emergence of draft beer and people's higher and higher requirements for beer quality, breweries pay more and more attention to the cleaning of beer production equipment. In order to meet the market demand, our factory has developed a fully automatic in-situ cleaning machine (CIP) for beer packaging production line

the full-automatic in-situ cleaning machine meets the following requirements: 1. Improve the physical, chemical and microbial detection standards; 2. Reduce the manual operation of equipment and chemical cleaning; 3. Accurately control the temperature, pressure and flow. We have developed a kind of ABS wire rod made of automobile instrument panel and a pet wire rod made of plastic bottles, which uses the power consumption of the instrument; 4. Accurately control the use of water and chemical cleaning agents; 5. Fault diagnosis and automatic recording

II. Principle and composition of full-automatic in-situ cleaning machine

the control system of automatic in-situ cleaning machine adopts programmable controller PLC and man-machine interface, and various cleaning procedures can be prepared according to the requirements of cleaning process. Various detection elements are installed on each equipment of the beer production line. When the liquid level is lower than the low liquid level detection element, the liquid can be added automatically, and when the liquid level is higher than the set value, the liquid feeding will be stopped automatically. The heating system is equipped with a temperature controller, which sends the detected temperature to the PLC control system and controls the steam control valve after treatment. When the temperature is low, the valve will automatically open and enter the steam heating. When the temperature meets the requirements, the valve will automatically close. During the cleaning process, the valves of each channel will be automatically opened according to the requirements of the cleaning process, so that the cleaning solution can pass normally

in order to let the operators know clearly in the control room that the actual refrigerator manufacturer on site has also improved a lot of work efficiency, we install the man-machine interface in the control room to clearly understand the operation of the equipment

the man-machine interface is a two-way communication bridge between operators and machine equipment. Users can freely combine text, buttons, graphics, numbers, etc. to process, monitor, manage and cope with the multi-functional display screen of changing information at any time. In the past, the operation interface needed skilled operators to operate, and the operation was also difficult, which could not improve work efficiency. With the development of automation technology, because the man-machine interface can reflect the status of the equipment and simplify the production process, we Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. remind you that the following information is only for reference process, reduce operation errors, improve the utilization of PLC equipment, and improve the added value of equipment, which has considerable attraction to users. With the emergence of a new generation of man-machine interface, operation and use become more convenient, It is very popular with users

III. application of man-machine interface in automatic in-situ cleaning machine

IV. performance analysis and comparison of automatic in-situ cleaning machine

v. conclusion

source: Chinese brewing and beverage machinery major ● Xiao Hairong, Wang Ming

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