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The application of manipulator in injection molding industry

with the rapid development of plastic processing industry in China, the automation of injection molding equipment is also getting higher and higher. Modern injection molding machines are often equipped with manipulators to improve production efficiency. Injection molding manipulator is an automatic production equipment that can imitate some functions of human upper limbs, and can automatically control it to transport products or operate tools according to the predetermined requirements. Injection molding manipulator is specially equipped for injection molding production automation, which can reduce heavy physical labor, improve working conditions and safety production; It plays an important role in improving the production efficiency of injection molding machine, stabilizing product quality, reducing scrap rate, reducing production costs and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises

robots applicable in the injection molding industry can be divided into the following two types according to their intelligence:

1. Basic injection molding robots, which generally include fixed mode programs and teaching mode programs according to the needs of production process. The fixed mode program covers several standard processes of current injection molding production, and uses industrial controllers to do simple, regular and repeated actions. The teaching mode program is specially suitable for injection molding machines with special production processes, and achieves the goal of successful retrieval by arranging the basic actions in an orderly and safe manner

2. Intelligent injection molding manipulator. This type of manipulator generally includes functions such as multi-point memory placement, standby at any point, and more degrees of freedom. It is generally driven by servo, which can simulate human beings to perform more complex operations to the greatest extent. It can also be equipped with advanced sensors to make it have visual, tactile and thermal functions, making it a highly intelligent injection molding robot

injection molding manipulator is generally composed of executive system, drive system, control system, etc. The execution and drive system is mainly composed of various new materials, which are designed to complete the normal function of the arm. It drives the operation of mechanical parts through pneumatic or hydraulic power to achieve the function of taking things. The control system controls the drive system to make the execution system operate according to the predetermined process, Take the control system of a simple manipulator as an example:

man-machine interface

injection molding machine mold opening completion signal ←→ single chip microcomputer ← → injection molding machine impact testing machine brittle transition temperature manipulator signal

various valve signals

executive cylinder

the operator operates through the man-machine interface and receives the information given by the injection molding machine.When the signal can be executed, The manipulator cuts off the mold closing signal of the injection molding machine to ensure the safety of the manipulator taking things. After taking things, the manipulator resumes the action of the injection molding machine. The difficulty in the design of the control system lies in the coordinated working relationship between the manipulator and the injection molding machine. Under the command of the control system, the manipulator completes each action according to the predetermined working procedure, so as to take the products produced by injection molding out of the mold and transfer them to the designated place or the next production process. During the design, the control system should be determined according to the performance of the injection molding machine, the operating conditions and requirements of the manipulator, the shape and weight of the products, etc

because the injection molding manipulator can greatly improve productivity and reduce production costs, it can stabilize and improve the quality of injection molding products, and avoid losses caused by human errors. Therefore, the role of injection molding manipulator in injection molding production becomes more and more important. At present, the type of manipulator in China is relatively simple, and most of them are used for taking parts. With the development of the injection molding industry, there will be more and more manipulators with brand awareness in the future, which will be greater than feeding and mixing. We know that the locking structure of machinery includes: rib (i.e., rib combination, automatic loading and unloading of molds, waste recycling and other processes, and will develop in the direction of intelligence. (end)

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