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The international photovoltaic equipment association and the Saudi photovoltaic industry association signed a cooperation agreement

recently, the international photovoltaic equipment Association (ipvea) and the Saudi Photovoltaic Industry Association (sasia) signed a bilateral cooperation agreement. This move aims to promote the understanding of photovoltaic in central and northeast Africa and share photovoltaic knowledge

as the Middle East and North Africa region, especially the Saudi Arabia photovoltaic market, has become increasingly important. Therefore, on February 27, the two associations announced that the two sides plan to cooperate and promote the advantages of photovoltaic in the region

according to a statement issued by the international photovoltaic equipment association and the Saudi Arabia Photovoltaic Industry Association, with the localization of photovoltaic manufacturing, the two sides will consult each other on relevant matters

browning Rockwell, executive president of Saudi Arabia Photovoltaic Industry Association, added that the international photovoltaic equipment association can be regarded as the best partner to share knowledge and experience in the photovoltaic manufacturing industry

since last year, photovoltaic has gradually become a hot topic in the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, according to the first 2012 renewable energy national attractiveness index released by Ernst & young, when it comes to photovoltaic, he hopes that experts will bear the burden of power generation, the region has carried too much hope. At present, the total annual demand for adhesives and sealants in China's automotive industry is 100000 tons

in January this year, GTM research, an American research institution, further predicted that by 2015, the installed capacity of the photovoltaic market in the Middle East and North African countries will be close to 3.5gW, so photovoltaic power generation can meet 8% of the total global power demand by 2015. This report, jointly made with the United Arab Emirates Solar Energy Industry Association (ESIA), emphasizes that sunshine, electricity price and power demand as basic factors will make Saudi Arabia the first gigawatt market in the Middle East and North Africa by 2015

Scott burger, an analyst at GTM research and the author of the report, said: "in terms of solar energy, it is clear that the Middle East and North Africa will change significantly in the next five years."

"however, in the long run, Saudi Arabia may become the largest market, and important opportunities will appear in the whole region for several decades. In view of the strategic planning and steady development of local partners and supply chains, smart enterprises will be able to take advantage of all opportunities in the region."

Saudi Arabia will be far ahead on the photovoltaic road. Recently, the country announced that it plans to install 53gw of renewable energy projects by 2032, of which 41gw of installed capacity is expected to be composed of solar thermal and photovoltaic power stations. Last week, a white paper released by re announced the details of the competitive procurement process of renewable energy. Zhonghua glass () Department

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