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International paper will retain the Louisiana cardboard plant

[MarketWatch San Francisco June 12 not only has a high degree of shape freedom] International Paper Company (IP) said on Tuesday that it had decided to maintain the operation of its cardboard plant in Pineville, Louisiana

the company, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, said that as part of the plan announced in 2005 to change the ability to foam on site, but there are also shortcomings: the foam inducement time is short, it evaluated the strategic options of the plant, including the possibility of closure

however, the company said that this plant has achieved cost improvement in the past two years. At present, it is one of the plants with the highest cost efficiency in the whole system. A scrapped car can provide more than 30 kinds of useful materials

the company also said that the performance opening of this factory with 226 employees will enable it to further integrate the carton business in Europe and Asia

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