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International paper will produce e

according to the news of Wall Street, American International Paper Company (IP) and Israeli power paper company will jointly produce bags with ultra-thin batteries and audio-visual effects. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. please understand the installation in detail

ip will use the battery invented and authorized by power paper to produce this e-package, which will be put on the market in the summer. The battery of power paper has good flexibility and can be easily added to the package. IP will announce the license agreement of power paper next week

ip has not announced what the first e-package will be, but it may be a CD box. This new CD box will be equipped with small speakers for the audition of a novel strategy song proposed by professor you Zhengwei's team. 4. The battery is environment-friendly and can be discarded with the package. Wall Street said that by 2003, the consumption of such batteries could reach 500million

power pape did not disclose the specific terms of the license agreement, and IP did not say how much it would cost to produce e-packaging, but IP said that it would target some famous brands of cosmetics and CDs

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