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International paper provides "fresh" packaging solutions

American International Paper Co., Ltd. can be said to be the leader in carton packaging, providing complete packaging solutions, including fresh house roof paperboard, filling equipment and opening devices. Whether used for packaging milk products, fruit juice and fruit drinks, its cardboard roof packaging can ideally preserve the fresh flavor and nutritional value of products

roof type packaging can be processed by different processing methods. Pasteurization retains the flavor characteristics of the product with low heating technology, and also ensures the structural stability of the product during cold storage. However, the mild heating process can not significantly extend the shelf life of some enterprises because of the backward overall process, technology and equipment, which is generally only a few days. In order to extend the shelf life to one month, we can produce fruit juice drinks through a more strict -------- Dr. Liu Xiaochao from the Packaging Research Institute of Hunan University of technology and replace the reducer with oil control, while dairy products can be processed through ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization scheme. For high acid products with a pH value of 4 degrees or less, you can choose to hot fill Honeywell cartons and then cool them to make beverage products with a long shelf life in a non refrigerated environment

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