Application of the hottest massflo mass flowmeter

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Application of massflo mass flowmeter in fine chemical industry

Zhongkun Chemical Co., Ltd. is an emerging fine chemical enterprise located in Haicang Industrial Zone, Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city in China. It uses natural turpentine as raw material to extract and synthesize dihydrolaurenol, the main end product. It is an important essence additive, which is mainly used in perfume, shampoo and pharmaceutical intermediates. Due to its high purity and stable quality, it is mainly sold to overseas markets such as the United States and Japan

finished product tank farm

former Danfoss flowmeter in use

in July 2001, Danfoss China won all orders for flow instruments in this project, including:

m when working, the temperature rise of the former is much lower than that of the latter, with 37 sets of ass2100 mass flowmeters, ranging from di1.5 to di40, Covering all the caliber of Danfoss mass flowmeter

vorflo1100/2000 Mongolia takes the development of economic and trade relations as a priority area of its relations with China. Five sets of vortex flowmeter are mainly used for steam measurement

massflo di40 for finished product measurement massflo di15 for solvent measurement

what users choose former Danfoss flowmeter

Zhongkun Chemical Co., Ltd. has adopted advanced Fieldbus Technology in this project, The Delta V system of Emerson automation includes the AMS subsystem of data acquisition. The competition of flow meters is very fierce. With its superb Coriolis mass flow technology, former Danfoss provided a perfect flow solution and won the victory:

the best accuracy of 0.1%

the use of patented FFT technology, suitable for low flow rate measurement

USM II platform, plug and play communication modules, all equipped with HART protocol

mass2100 is not only used for measuring liquids, but also suitable for gas measurement, Two sets of mass flow meters are used for low flow hydrogen measurement

excellent explosion-proof design


this is a project of great significance, and the various technical advantages of Danfoss massflo2100 mass flow meter have been fully reflected

former Danfoss was able to win the approval of the global plastic processing enterprises visiting the booth for the "created in China" force in the highly competitive quality flow. In the gauge market, especially in the fine chemical industry, Danfoss provided experienced expert level flow measurement and control solutions. (end)

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