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International paint replaces phthalate plasticizers in inks according to Cerritos, California, international coatings comp often has problems because of this. Any (international paint company) announced that it would replace its phthalate plasticizers in ink products by the end of the year, because this kind of additives will be explicitly prohibited in the newly issued children's book printing safety regulations. At present, the federal government and several state governments of the United States have said that they will soon enact new safety regulations for children's products, which will prohibit the addition of a total of six plasticizer products containing phthalates in children's toys and printed materials, which are difficult to move smoothly. However, it is not clear whether the new regulations will restrict or ban phthalates in children's clothing

most ink products produced by international coating companies meet the relevant environmental protection standards for the use of phthalates. Stephen Kahane, CEO of the company, said, but we think it is still necessary to find suitable alternatives to completely eliminate the addition of phthalates in ink products, whether it is a regulatory requirement or not. I think only by fundamentally eliminating such substances can we improve the environmental protection level of ink products. In this way, both end users and printing workers will no longer worry about the harm of phthalates

in addition to the ink products that currently comply with the phthalate addition regulations of the international coating company, the company also provides a variety of environmentally harmful series of ink products, which do not contain phthalates and other raw materials that are restricted, including heavy metals or formaldehyde. The ink products of international paint company have a perfect sales network, and the distribution agencies of this product can be found in many regions of the world

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