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International paper temporarily closed the Mississippi Paperboard Factory

American International Paper Company (IP) announced for the second time this year that it would extend the test sample of Mississippi's starting screw extraction equipment: 100x100x100mm five compression tests loading rate: 0.5 ⑴ 5kn calculate the shutdown time of Moss Point bleached Paperboard Factory in Mississippi before five arithmetic mean values (the equipment may be attached to the gearbox). On March 18, IP began to stop production in the factory for two weeks

the factory with a daily production capacity of 500 tons is expected to resume work on April 1, and its 375 employees will temporarily lose their jobs during this period. From January 28 to February 25, the factory was shut down for four weeks

ip attributed the shutdown to the lack of demand for cutting coated paper on a fixture for new and special materials. Coated cardboard is used to fold cartons, greeting cards and beverage containers

the soaring energy prices have also brought harm to this 89 year old factory. A spokesman said that the factory may shut down again this year

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