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The international pharmaceutical glass packaging giant has begun industrial transfer

glass is a high-energy industry. The world's major glass packaging manufacturers O-I in the United States and saintgobain in France have basically completed the industrial layout in Europe and the United States. The production equipment is the best and the production process efficiency is the most efficient. The European harmless medical organization (HCWH) has taken measures to keep patients away from medical devices containing PVC and DEHP. In the future, the path of cost reduction can only be transferred to low-cost areas, And obtain some local market share while transferring industries. Earlier this month, Schott (Schott) in Germany is the world's major glass tube manufacturer, with the world's best glass tube drawing technology. All Chinese class I glass tube bottle manufacturers import tubes from Schott, and then produce into tube bottles. Therefore, Chinese class I glass tube bottles are secondary processing products. Schott's sales in Asia account for 17% of its total sales. In 1966, the company's first Asian sales representative office operated in Japan. In 1974, it completed its first Asian manufacturing center in Indonesia. At present, it has two representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai in China, and it completed its manufacturing center in Suzhou in 2002. In 2006, Schott is accelerating its industrial layout in China and plans to close the Indonesian manufacturing center, Glass tubes imported from the German headquarters are produced in Suzhou and can be produced by the state manufacturing center in the liquid process environment. Biancheng town is based on the existing leading enterprises and leading products in the three bases. It should be noted that the glass tubes with Schott's core technology are not produced in China, and the Suzhou manufacturing center is only a secondary processing function, which produces glass tubes into tube bottles and sells them to China and other countries, Only the secondary processing cost is reduced. Therefore, in the process of industrial transfer of multinational giants, pharmaceutical glass packaging manufacturers without technological advantages will be squeezed out of the market, and the competition in the domestic pharmaceutical glass packaging industry will gradually move towards technological innovation

in 2006, O-I of the United States cooperated with Shandong Pharmaceutical glass, the largest pharmaceutical glass packaging manufacturer in China, and has confirmed the order in brown bottles. In the future, it will carry out deeper cooperation in class I pharmaceutical glass bottles; Saint Gobain of France is also looking for partners in China; Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries are constantly compressing the brown bottle packaging of oral liquids and immunomodulatory oral preparations, and the demand for brown bottles in the international market is accelerating. There is no doubt that the industrial transfer trend of transnational giants is becoming increasingly clear

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