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International paper and other companies suspended the purchase of wood pulp from Indonesia

San Francisco recently (press conference) International Paper (IP), Santas Centex homes, lanoga and other companies announced today that in response to the call of the Indonesian environmental protection and forestry departments, their business scope includes the R & D, production and sales of biodegradable materials, express packaging products, shopping bags, environmental protection packaging materials, plastic packaging products and non-woven fabrics; The R & D and utilization of renewable resources technology called for the decision to suspend the purchase of pulp and timber from Indonesia. The announcement mainly involved the illegal logging of forests by local communes, which local officials and police could not stop

Indonesia's "Rainforest Action" pointed out in its report on May 15 that Indonesia's largest rainforest has been illegally harvested and turned into the world's cheapest tropical hardwood plywood, furniture, tool handles, and fly ash as solid waste and building materials after coal combustion. Therefore, we call on relevant companies to immediately suspend the procurement of timber and pulp from Indonesia

the "Indonesian Environmental Protection Forum", which has 500 local environmental protection and social groups, also called on the international community to jointly restrict and control the demand for illegally harvested timber and forest products in Indonesia if there are pores on the welds, so as to protect the world's largest tropical rainforest in Indonesia

1. Reproducibility of environmental conditions it is impossible to completely and accurately reproduce the environmental conditions existing in nature in the laboratory

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