European rural style home decoration opens exquisi

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European pastoral style, through the blending of colors and the exquisite carving of furniture, creates an elegant room with atmosphere and refinement. The excellent material selection and decorative collocation give the space a fashionable artistic flavor. European pastoral style, enjoy exquisite life

in the design of the living room, the overly complicated European ceiling was abandoned, but it was simplified and decorated with antique cast iron chandeliers, just echoing the iron railings in the interlayer. In the treatment of the background wall, antique and sandstone columns with obvious texture effect are used for decoration, which are unified with floor tiles and furniture with smooth lines, with a strong sense of integrity, atmosphere and stability

the kitchen has excellent material selection and harmonious matching. The kitchen is very spacious. The delicate countertops of stone and jade, the antique wood carved flower cabinets, and the same color retro bricks all show the flavor and texture of European style retro. The color matching from top to bottom, from light to deep, makes the whole space more layered

the master bedroom is soft and hard, with natural color transition. The simple sloping roof has no too much decoration. More attention is paid to the matching of background walls, curtains and furniture. The honey yellow jacquard curtains are unified with brown furniture, and the style is integrated with European retro elements. The wallpaper on the bedside background is brilliant, which serves as a connecting link between the preceding and the following, and has become the finishing touch of the room. Connected with the master bedroom is a storage room, and the shape of the arch adds an exotic flavor to the whole

finally came to the girl's boudoir. With the European wallpaper and bedding with a very hazy feeling, we can create an elegant and soft boudoir. The exquisite carving of the home, the use of colors of the curtains, coupled with transparent glass windows and lighting, the whole European pastoral space is elegant and sweet, which is the fairy tale kingdom of young girls




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