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Xinya cabinet &# 8226; Wardrobe Suzhou exclusive store is fully dressed and opened for the double festival

welcome the double festival and celebrate the opening; When the "National Day" and "Mid Autumn Festival" are approaching, Xinya cabinet and wardrobe Suzhou store was opened on October 3, with flowers and firecrackers, and the atmosphere was very hot. Entering the exhibition hall on the first floor, there are full of owners who come to consult, some are residents of nearby communities, and some are even more attracted by their names. The shopping guides and designers patiently "tailor" and explain patiently for each owner according to the decoration style and personal preferences of different families. Their serious and responsible attitude and warm and festive smiling faces infect everyone

in the bright exhibition hall, there are solemn and calm Brown cabinets, () post-modern style cabinets with metal texture, passionate simple red cabinets, elegant and versatile European white cabinets, wardrobes and other products, which are presented here one by one in front of the majority of owners





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