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The gradual improvement of the new standards of the coating industry will raise the threshold of market access. According to relevant data, due to the increasing market competition, which has disrupted the formal order of the coating market, China will soon start the formulation or revision of 12 coating industry standards, such as water-based automotive coatings, non stick coatings, epoxy resin primer, aluminum powder slurry, etc

after decades of efforts, the standardization development of China's coating industry has made some progress. However, due to the continuous progress of product technology and the continuous development of social economy, the lack of standards and standard aging in the domestic coating industry are also serious. Therefore, the relevant standards of China's coating industry need to be further improved

the report on investment analysis and prospect prediction of China's coating industry in shows that China's coating and pigment standards are mainly composed of three levels: basic standards, a large number of test methods, typical tensile stress-strain curves of standard materials, as shown in Figure 1, and product standards. The first level is the basic standard; The second level is to try to fully meet the use needs of the stadium; The third level is the coating product standard. At present, China's coating standard system can basically meet the production and application needs of various domestic coating products

although China's coating standards have formed a system, for a long time, the domestic coating standards only pay attention to its use performance, protection performance and decorative performance, and less consideration is given to environmental impact and harm to human body. At present, there is still a certain gap between China's coating standards and those of foreign developed countries. Therefore, China needs to speed up the improvement of domestic coating standards

the further improvement of coating standards will improve the market access threshold of products with the gradual improvement of the economic situation. On the one hand, coating enterprises can strengthen the monitoring of product raw materials and production process, so as to ensure the quality of related products; On the other hand, it can also promote coating enterprises to speed up the pace of product structure adjustment, which is also very beneficial to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

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