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The new standard for aluminum doors and windows will be launched next year. At the national revision meeting of the standard for aluminum doors and windows held before the day when it is widely used, experts from more than 10 well-known aluminum companies and aluminum doors and windows enterprises in China participated in the discussion, review and finalization of the standard for windows and doors

according to relevant experts, the new national standard for aluminum alloy windows will be issued in 2001. Aluminum doors and windows should be developed in the direction of energy saving and business consultation on the basis of maintaining beauty and durability. In order to resist the corrosion of acid rain, the state has put forward higher requirements for aluminum alloy materials, in which the thickness of oxide film is increased from 10 microns to more than 15 microns, and the main stress wall thickness should reach more than 1mm. It is recommended to use more powder coated aluminum materials. This kind of aluminum material is widely used in Europe and America. Its advantages are acid rain resistance, corrosion resistance, elegant appearance, various colors and user choice; Compared with the multi curve, it has advantages of the not changing color and anti-aging. As the oxide film thickness of aluminum oxide increases, it is suitable for large tension. The price gap between powder coated aluminum and ordinary aluminum oxide is narrowed. The standard for aluminum doors and windows revised at the meeting will have a significant impact on the installation and use of aluminum windows in China at 8:01, and improve the products of aluminum suppliers in China to a higher level

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