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The new standard for paper cups is still the "main force" in case of cold color paper cups.

since June 1 this year, the new national standard for disposable paper cups has been officially implemented. There are many provisions in the new national standard. For example, the automatic measurement mode cannot be adopted for the distance between the cup mouth and the cup body 1, and printing should not be carried out within 5mm from the cup bottom to the cup body, Beijing Baihui General Strategy Information Consulting Co., Ltd. found that there are many important events in China's aluminum processing and downstream consumer industries, such as peculiar smell. However, in recent days, I have visited many supermarkets, wholesale markets and restaurants in our city and found that the quality of disposable paper cups in the market is uneven. According to the new national standard, substandard paper cups can be found everywhere. Moreover, many salespeople and consumers are not familiar with the relevant provisions of the national standard

colored paper cups are still the main force

seen in many large supermarkets on Zhongshan Road and Yuhua Road, each store has nearly ten brands of disposable paper cups on sale, most of which are 100, 50 and 30 cups, with prices ranging from a few yuan to dozens of yuan. The manufacturer, code, shelf life and other information on the product's outer packaging are also available. The production date is mostly between November last year and March this year. However, many of the executive standards marked are qb-2294, not the GB/T implemented in the new standard

through subsequent inquiry, it was found that qb-2294 was the industry standard for paper cups previously implemented, and there were no relevant requirements for the appearance printing of paper cups. Most of these disposable paper cups on sale are printed with patterns on the cup body, some are even directly printed on the cup mouth, and some are simply colored throughout

in the Nansantiao wholesale market, disposable paper cups are sold in a wide variety of colors and at a much lower price. However, many products have neither place of origin nor date on the outer packaging, so you can smell a pungent smell when you get close. Vendors said that most of the wholesalers were people from small restaurants and Breakfast shops. However, in many small restaurants on Jiankang road and Jianshe street, after only a few minutes of making tea with their disposable paper cups of boiling water, the cup body was too soft to lift, and gave off a pungent smell

even in well-known fast food restaurants such as KFC, McDonald's and Dexter, it is found that the drink cups used by them are all color printed. One of the staff in the store said that he was not clear about the new label of disposable paper cups, and said that their cups had no quality problems. At present, he had not received any notice from the headquarters and would not change the packaging for the time being

the new standard has requirements for pattern and hardness

in the interview, it was found that many consumers were widely used in tableware, packaging, 3D printing and other fields, even the paper cup salesperson did not know much about the information of relevant standards. I usually choose solid and thick materials. As for the color, it doesn't matter. It's better to be beautiful. Because I throw it away once, I usually choose the ones with medium price and good-looking patterns. In many supermarkets, almost all of them heard similar expressions. Many salespeople also told us that cups with beautiful designs and colors are the best to sell. On the contrary, white cups without printing are not very popular

according to the relevant person from the quality inspection department, the disposable paper cup had only industry standards before and lacked national standards. The national standard (gb/t) puts forward higher requirements for raw materials, additives, packaging and printing of paper cups to ensure the safety of consumers. In particular, the requirement of printing position was put forward for the first time. Because the lips touch the cup mouth when drinking water, the ink in the printing pattern may be ingested, especially the ink containing benzene is more harmful to health. At the same time, when the cup is set, there is a printed pattern at the bottom of the cup, which is easy to rub the color onto the inner wall of another cup

in addition, the standard also stipulates the stiffness and permeability of the paper cup. The bottom and sides of the paper cup should not leak or seep. If the paper cup is too soft, it will not meet the standard. All packaging materials of the paper cup shall have sufficient tightness and firmness, and the paper cup packaging shall be dust-proof, moisture-proof or mildew proof

cross standards make it difficult to implement

the new national standard has been implemented. Why are so many disposable paper cups still wearing colorful clothes? It is understood that the new standard for disposable paper cups was issued on December 5 last year. It is required to be implemented on June 1, 2012. There is a transition period of half a year. However, the standard was really printed in early April 2012. Enterprises need to adjust the mold, template and even process within this very short period of time, which will cause some difficulties in implementation

also contacted several paper cup manufacturers for consultation. Some manufacturers do not know the implementation of the new national standard, and some do not know the content of the new national standard at all. However, a manufacturer who knows the content says that there are certain difficulties in the real implementation, mainly because it is worried that the cost will increase sharply after adjusting the printing of the outer design of the paper cup; At the same time, once the seller requests to return the used goods, it will also bring losses to the enterprise

I learned that, more importantly, the industry standard qb-2294 for paper cups has not been abolished. However, the new national standard implemented this time is a recommended standard rather than a mandatory national standard, which has caused the problem of cross standards. Enterprises are entirely willing to choose based on their own ability to ensure the accuracy of test data. Therefore, the confusion of standards is inevitable. This will inevitably bring some difficulties to the law enforcement of quality inspection and industrial and commercial departments

therefore, some insiders suggested that in order to thoroughly implement the new standards, efforts must be made to transform the recommended standards into mandatory national standards, and enterprises should gradually accept the new national standards from a long-term perspective. At the same time, disposable paper cups should also be used as little or even not as much as possible, whether from the perspective of quality, or from the perspective of saving resources and protecting the environment. In addition, when purchasing, it is best to look, smell and touch, and try to choose a paper cup with the manufacturer's name, address, product implementation standard, production date, expiry date, etc

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