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National policies protect distributed photovoltaic power generation

solve several major problems such as roof resources

under the "warm wind" policy, distributed photovoltaic power generation in China has developed rapidly in recent years. In the first half of this year, 990000 kW of distributed photovoltaic power generation capacity was added across the country, which exceeded the 2013 goal of achieving a total bilateral trade volume of $10billion in 2020

however, at the same time, distributed photovoltaic power generation is faced with practical problems that need to be solved urgently, such as difficulties in roof implementation, loan financing, and access. The policy introduced this time is also considered by the outside world as an important measure to refine the distributed photovoltaic development policy

in terms of building roof resources, the notice pointed out that for new, reconstructed and expanded buildings with a certain roof area and suitable for photovoltaic power generation applications, synchronous installation of photovoltaic power generation facilities or reserved installation conditions should be required. Local governments can incorporate the application of building photovoltaic power generation into the energy conservation and emission reduction assessment and reward and punishment system, and units that consume distributed photovoltaic power generation and inaccurate speed control can participate in relevant transactions according to the converted energy savings

in terms of consolidation, the notice made it clear that the service of connection and operation of distributed photovoltaic power generation should be improved. Set up a "one-stop" service window for distributed photovoltaic power generation in city and county (District) power enterprises, clarify the application conditions, workflow, and processing time limit for handling and procedures, and publish it at the relevant stations of power enterprises

in terms of financing services, the notice proposes to encourage banks and other financial institutions to cooperate with local governments to establish a financing service platform for distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, and encourage local governments to provide loan discount policies for distributed photovoltaic power generation in combination with livelihood projects. Establish a loan mechanism with personal income as the credit condition, and gradually promote the provision of unsecured loans for individuals with high credit to install distributed photovoltaic power generation facilities

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encourage various forms to break the "local protection"

the policy issued this time encourages the development of various forms of distributed photovoltaic power generation applications. The notice proposes to make full use of the qualified building roof (including auxiliary free space) resources, and encourage development zones and large industrial and commercial enterprises with large roof area, large power load and high power supply price to take the lead in the application of photovoltaic power generation. Photoelectric coding of electronic universal experimental machine is a kind of high-precision shaft angle converted into coded electric signal. It is encouraged to promote photovoltaic power generation in public facilities systems such as railway stations (including high-speed railway stations), highway service areas, airport terminals, large-scale integrated transportation hub buildings, large-scale sports venues and parking lots, and to take photovoltaic power generation application as an important element in the planning and design of relevant buildings and other facilities, Large enterprise groups are encouraged to organize and construct distributed photovoltaic power generation projects for their subordinate enterprises

it is worth noting that the notice clearly stipulates that waste land, barren mountains and slopes, agricultural greenhouses, beaches, fish ponds, lakes, etc. should be used to build distributed photovoltaic power stations for local consumption according to local conditions. For all kinds of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects mainly for self use, when limited by the construction scale index, the provincial energy department should adjust and solve in time or apply to the National Energy Administration for additional scale index

in addition, the policy introduced this time puts forward a ban on "local protection". The notice states that local governments at all levels are not allowed to set approval and charging matters at will, restrict products that meet national standards and market access conditions from entering the local market, put forward unreasonable requirements for purchasing local products to project units, and provide market protection for inferior products in various ways

improving the development mode "full amount" has become an option

in improving the development mode of distributed photovoltaic power generation, the notice proposed that the distributed photovoltaic power generation project constructed by building roofs and auxiliary sites, and the control response speed can choose one of the modes of "self generation and self use, residual power" or "full amount" when the project is filed. All power generation of the "full price" project is purchased by power enterprises according to the benchmark electricity price of local photovoltaic power stations. Projects that have been implemented in the mode of "self use and surplus power supply" are allowed to change to the mode of "full power supply" when the power load is significantly reduced (including disappearing) or the power supply and consumption relationship cannot be fulfilled

the notice also proposed that photovoltaic power station projects that are constructed on the ground or using agricultural greenhouses and other non power consumption facilities, connected to electricity at a voltage level of 35 kV and below (66 kV and below in Northeast China), with a single project capacity of no more than 20000 kW and the generated power is mainly consumed in the merging station area, should be included in the scale index management of distributed photovoltaic power generation, and the benchmark electricity price of local photovoltaic power stations should be implemented

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