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The national polymer academic report meeting was held in Beijing

the national polymer academic report meeting was held in Beijing

on October 11, 2005

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the polymer Discipline Committee of the Chinese chemical society, it was hosted by the polymer Discipline Committee of the Chinese chemical society, the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences The national polymer academic paper conference organized by the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of Peking University and the Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University, which requires the mold cavity to be kept at an appropriate temperature, was grandly held at the Beijing Conference Center at 8:30 on October 10. This is a grand meeting of Chinese polymer scholars

with the assistance of China polymer, 1500 papers were finally included in the conference after being reviewed through the conference registration and login system. During the four-day meeting, the delegates will communicate on the following 10 topics through conference reports, group reports and wall newspaper presentations: first, polymer chemistry, including polymerization methods and processes, polymerization reactions, polymer synthesis methods, polymerization reaction engineering; Second, polymer structure, characterization and performance, including experimental, theoretical and simulated characterization of polymer structure and properties, and polymer material structure; Third, polymer molding processing, including processing rheology, molding principle and technology; Fourth, macromolecular structure and orderly assembly materials, including controllable synthesis of polymers with special structure, composition and shape, polymer assembly, nanostructure polymer improvement system, which must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, and systematically consider the frequency response and working stability of materials; Fifth, complex polymer systems, including polymer electrolyte and gel, polymer surface and interface, polymer composites; Sixth, functional polymers and new polymer materials; Seventh, optical, electrical and magnetic functional polymers; Eighth, biomedical and environment-friendly polymers; Ninth, polymer and industry; Ten is polymer and education

more than 1600 people from relevant departments and leaders and polymer scholars from all over the country and overseas participated in this academic paper presentation. The national polymer academic paper conference is the highest level academic conference in China's polymer academic circles, which is held once every two years

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