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National policies promote the rapid development of the mold industry

with the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan and the support of various policies for the mold industry, China's mold industry has achieved rapid growth and gradually reached the international level

in terms of the development of mold industry, the Chinese government has also given preferential support in terms of policies, and the face of China's mold industry has undergone fundamental changes. It can be summarized as follows:

1. China's mold industry has developed into a capital intensive and technology intensive equipment manufacturing industry with considerable scale and high-tech industry characteristics, which is basically a tooling industry dominated by self production and self distribution within enterprises and attached to product production

2. The production of molds has entered the era of modern industrial production, which generally adopts digital and information-based design and production technology, from the traditional skilled manual production mode dominated by fitters

3. China's mold industry has developed from a single form of public-owned enterprises to a new pattern dominated by private enterprises and the coexistence of various forms of ownership enterprises

4. The development of the manufacturing industry has driven the development of the mold industry, and the development of the mold industry has given strong support to the manufacturing industry

5. Mold products 7. The special structure of special personnel is more reasonable

6 according to haydale's report, a team of key mold enterprises has been formed

7. The R & D and innovation capabilities of enterprises have been improved, and new technologies have been popularized and applied

8. The system of supporting services for mold manufacturing is becoming more and more perfect, and China's mold industry system is basically complete

9. The layout of mold industry has been improved. According to Luo Baihui, mold sales in 2011 were 124 billion yuan. However, China's mold industry as a whole still lags behind developed countries, and further efforts are needed

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