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The national plastic machinery product quality supervision and Inspection Center settled in Shunde

our reporter liujialin reported: yesterday, it was learned from Shunde District Science and Technology Bureau that the national plastic machinery product quality supervision and inspection center will set up a Guangdong workstation in Shunde in the second half of the year, which will play an important role in the improvement of Shunde machinery equipment industry technology research and development and standard construction level. At present, the national plastic machinery quality inspection center has officially signed a contract with Shunde, and then shared the experience after the pilot to cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass and other industries with excess capacity. It plans to invest 1.32 million yuan in phase I equipment. The relevant person in charge of Shunde Productivity Promotion Center said. After the establishment of the workstation, it will provide leading enterprises in the industry with technical support such as consulting on foreign advanced standards and product technical standards; It will help small and medium-sized enterprises to establish quality inspection and technical design teams and improve their quality management capabilities

it is understood that Shunde's machinery and equipment industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and its technical level is in the forefront of the province. Five cluster areas have been formed, including Daliang international plastic machinery, Chencun international pressure and ceramic machinery, Ronggui mold industry and Leliu transportation machinery

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