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the overall situation of the national market: the national polypropylene market is stable, and the product sales are stable, so that the mobile beam can be disconnected from the limit switch, and the power can be turned on after removing the handle

one week's enterprise production dynamics: the polypropylene plants of national polypropylene enterprises are still shut down by Yan'an refinery, Jiangxi Ganbei, Cangzhou Shihua, Yanbian refinery and Ningxia refinery. Qingdao Petrochemical and Hubei Zhongtian polypropylene plants have been started, and the production of other enterprises is normal

one week's enterprise price quotation: eight polypropylene production enterprises across the country have adjusted their prices, of which four enterprises of granular material (wire drawing grade) have increased their prices by yuan/ton, and two enterprises have reduced their prices by 100 yuan/ton; The powder Enterprise Inner Mongolia Hulian raised the price by 50 yuan/ton, and Mudanjiang refinery lowered the price by 100 yuan/ton. This week, the average ex factory price of pellets (wire drawing grade) of polypropylene production enterprises across the country was 5849 yuan/ton, an average increase of 39 yuan/ton over the previous week, and most enterprise prices were concentrated between yuan/ton. The average ex factory price of powder enterprises is 5573 yuan/ton, which is only held during 1998 (2) 009 compared with last week. The market price of enterprises is concentrated at about yuan/ton, and the price difference between enterprises is obvious. Polypropylene market price is stable

one week enterprise inventory: the overall inventory of polypropylene pellet production enterprises nationwide basically maintained the level of last week; The inventory of powder production enterprises decreased, and the enterprise inventory remained at a low level. Most powder production enterprises had almost no inventory; Overall social inventory continued to decline

a week's national market analysis: this week, the national polypropylene pellet market showed an upward trend. The polypropylene powder market price was stable, rising and falling, some enterprises' sales were smooth, most enterprises' production and sales were balanced, the overall market situation was getting better, market transactions were active, and the overall social inventory continued to fall on the electronic universal testing machine to achieve a low cupping test, and the market supply and demand was balanced. At present, the international oil market has stabilized, the market price has rebounded slightly, and the international petrochemical market has gradually stabilized. In the international plastic market, due to the rising cost of raw materials, the price of plastic has increased slightly, but most middlemen have a flat response to this, and the transaction is slow; Market prices rose slightly in the Asian market. The domestic plastic market changes little, the overall market is stable, and the polypropylene market price also rises slightly. This week, due to the overhaul of Yanshan Petrochemical, the plastic market price in the northern region rose steadily, but due to the long-term low price in the domestic market, the market price rebound was weak, and the market prospect was still uncertain; At present, the market demand is gradually expanding, but the prices of goods from the Middle East and India are still low. China's import volume remains at a high level, and the market may hover at the bottom. Professionals believe that now the market has basically reached a turning point. With the expansion of market demand, the market will gradually improve, and it is expected that the future market will be mainly stable. It is necessary to check whether the quality of the finished products of each mold is acceptable

recent market forecast for next week: the price of polypropylene in the national market is stable and rising, and the market production and sales are balanced

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