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The National Post Office released seven facts that the postal express industry is closer to people's livelihood in 2021. Release date: Source: the national post office station. On January 14, the National Post Office held a regular press conference in the first quarter and released seven facts that the postal express industry is closer to people's livelihood in 2021. This year is the fifth consecutive year for the State Post Bureau to promote the postal express industry to be closer to people's livelihood. Hou Yanbo, spokesman and deputy director of the office of the State Post Bureau, said that the seven facts are important measures to promote the supply side structural reform of the postal express industry and accelerate the pace of high-quality development. The whole industry will start from seven aspects, improve and improve the public service system of the industry and improve the service quality level of the industry, Better meet the people's growing needs for mail for a better life, and make the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security in the field of mail delivery richer, more secure, and more sustainable

first, improve the access rate of express services in established villages. Express services are basically delivered directly to villages in the eastern region, and 80% and 60% in the central and western regions respectively. To this end, the State Post Office will implement the three-year action plan for express delivery to the village, prepare guidelines for express delivery to the village, clarify the standards for express delivery to the village, and promote the multi-mode cooperation of express delivery, delivery and express delivery according to local conditions. However, multi brand express delivery services will effectively sink, improve coverage, and better serve the strategy of "Rural Revitalization"

second, further improve the end delivery service level, with the delivery rate of intelligent express boxes reaching more than 10% and the number of express public service stations reaching 115000. The State Post Bureau will pilot the implementation of service specifications for end-of-life public service stations, formulate service guidelines for smart express boxes, and strengthen self-discipline in the end-of-life service industry; Support the development of end-of-life service facilities, and take the transformation of old residential areas as an opportunity to accelerate the construction of end-of-life facilities such as intelligent express boxes (letter and parcel boxes) and express public service stations

third, 1000 government convenience points have been added, and the glass transition of bubble gum has been produced to consolidate and improve the direct postal achievements of established villages. The delivery rate of established villages in the western region above three shifts exceeds 95%

fourth, protect consumers in accordance with the law. The load situation of the superstructure of the bridge, mainly prestressed concrete simply supported T-beams, has changed significantly compared with the live load in the design load. The State Post Bureau will strengthen the supervision of the collection, management and use of express data, and seriously investigate and deal with illegal acts such as the disclosure of user information; We will speed up Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to welcome users to inquire and promote the credit commitment system, improve the information disclosure mechanism for dishonesty, and clean up and rectify bill swiping, express delivery blind box selling, etc; Pay close attention to the implementation of the "three systems" of safety supervision, strengthen the construction of "Internet + supervision" relying on the "Green Shield" project, and create a safe, stable and smooth delivery environment for consumers

fifth, accelerate the green transformation of express packaging. The State Post Office will fully implement the opinions on accelerating the green transformation of express packaging, and continue to improve the industry regulations, standards and policy systems that are compatible with the concept of green development; Vigorously implement the "2582" project, carry out special treatment of over standard packaging bags and excessive packaging of heavy metals and specific substances, strive to use 5million recyclable express boxes (boxes) by the end of the year, no more secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express mail is up to 80%, and 20000 new postal express delivery points with standard packaging waste recycling devices are set

sixth, continuously improve the quality of employees and train 250000 employees. The State Post Bureau will thoroughly implement the "246" project of vocational skills training, make good use of the exceptional policy of professional title evaluation, "green channel" or "through train", strive to strengthen the team of large and medium-sized senior engineers, actively promote the identification of industrial vocational skills, and run the national postal industry vocational skills competition

seventh, strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of couriers (couriers). To this end, the State Post Bureau will formulate labor quota standards for couriers and guidelines for the accounting of terminal dispatch fees, and actively promote personal accident insurance and other insurance types suitable for the express industry; Work with relevant departments to introduce policies to optimize the rights and interests of grassroots employees, continue to carry out the "warm bee action" and strengthen the efforts to strive for public rental housing (low rent housing) policies; Further strengthen the selection of advanced models, and guide the formation of a good social atmosphere of respecting labor and caring for development; Standardize the problem of fines at various levels within enterprises

in 2020, the postal express service strategy for Rural Revitalization achieved remarkable results. A total of 60 gold medal projects in modern agriculture of express service with a business volume of more than 10 million pieces were cultivated nationwide, with a total of 1.177 billion pieces, and a total of 65.518 billion agricultural sales. Bian Zuodong, deputy director of the market supervision department of the State Post Office, said that the State Post Office would further promote the integrated development of the industry and the modern agricultural system and comprehensively sink the postal and express network by solving the problems of rural end-of-life services, promoting rural express delivery to villages and households, vigorously cultivating the gold medal project of modern agriculture in express delivery services, helping agricultural specialty products go out of the countryside, deepening upstream and downstream cooperation, and jointly improving channel efficiency, Effectively bring rural industries together and promote farmers to live a richer life

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