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From June 11 to 12, the working group led by Wang Yin, deputy director of the office of the national printing and reproduction industry special rectification leading group, inspected the special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry in Shaoyang

accompanied by Liu Xinmin, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Chang Yixian, director of the municipal Party committee and publicity department, the working group inspected some printing and reproduction units in Shaodong county and the urban area

since the national unified deployment of the special rectification action for the printing and reproduction industry last year, Shaoyang leaders at all levels have attached great importance to creativity, but they cannot yet synthesize this material and put forward the "four level" contract system for the supervision of printing enterprises. All departments at all levels, in accordance with the principle of "three pains and three noes" and the working idea of "three establishment and three grasp", on the one hand, they severely crack down on "underground printing plants" and on the other hand, they continue to guide and standardize legal printing enterprises, Make it bigger and stronger. At present, the printing and Reproduction Industry in the city has basically stepped into a standardized, healthy and orderly development track. The majority of printing owners continue to strengthen the concept of "do not do piracy, do not do genuine editions, do not do low-end brands, do not do books and periodicals, do not do packaging, do not do small factories, do large factories". They have taken gratifying steps in the transformation and transformation, and can also check the stored experimental data production, become bigger, stronger and better, and the number of private enterprises with assets of more than 10 million yuan has grown to more than 10

the working group and its delegation fully affirmed the achievements made by Shaoyang in the special rectification of the printing and reproduction industry. The working group believes that the printing and Reproduction Industry in Shaoyang has basically entered a standardized, healthy and orderly development track

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