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China Packaging News: the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television issued the notice on organizing the declaration of 2014 national printing and reproduction demonstration enterprises on May 6, which is scheduled to accept the declaration from May 6 to June 30

according to the notice, the printing and reproduction administrative departments in all regions shall conduct a preliminary examination of the basic information of the applicant enterprises and submit the application materials to the State Administration in a timely manner. At the same time, the notice also requires all localities to conduct an annual assessment of the existing national printing and reproduction demonstration enterprises. Enterprises that have illegal operations, have no major safety accidents, and have deteriorated and disordered internal management should be reported to the State Administration

it is reported that the evaluation of national printing and reproduction demonstration enterprises this year will continue to comprehensively consider the scale efficiency, technical equipment, innovative research and development, green environmental protection and other eight aspects of the application enterprises, and encourage enterprises with foundation, characteristics, vitality and competitiveness to apply

alarm level can be set

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