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The national policy supports the environmental protection and energy conservation industry

energy conservation and environmental protection industry the national policy supports the rapid growth of China's economy during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, but it brings huge energy consumption, environmental pollution and other problems to the region. Therefore, it is believed that one of the focuses of the 12th Five Year Plan will be energy conservation and emission reduction, so relevant industries will be an important investment theme for investors during the 12th Five Year Plan period

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, China first proposed the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by 20% within five years. However, in the face of the financial tsunami, it is necessary to stimulate the economy, so some goals of economic restructuring have not been achieved

in addition, during the 11th Five Year Plan period, China promised to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40% to 45% compared with 2005. In order to achieve the above goals, it is necessary to vigorously promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the total output value is 10 years or more than 5trillion

on September 8 this year, the State Council announced that seven industries were identified as strategic emerging industries and will be vigorously promoted during the 12th Five Year Plan period, among which the energy conservation and environmental protection industry ranked first. It is reported that the central government is still formulating the "development plan for energy conservation and environmental protection industry" and will successively introduce preferential policies, which shows the importance the central government attaches to this industry. According to the analysis of insiders, the total output value of China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry is expected to reach 2.8 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below) by 2012, and the total output value of related industries will exceed 5trillion yuan by 2020, becoming one of the important pillar industries of the national economy

relevant industries of energy conservation and environmental protection industry include smart electricity, sewage treatment, garbage treatment, etc. For the Hong Kong stock market, there are basically no enterprises specializing in smart electrical equipment. If you look for investment opportunities, you need to go to the A-share market

among Hong Kong stocks, Everbright International (0257-hk) is engaged in the environmental protection industry, which is engaged in waste incineration power generation, sewage treatment, waste treatment and environmental protection industrial park; In addition, there are Beikong water (0371-hk), China water (0855-hk), etc

6 strategic emerging industries to be developed

in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection industries, the other six strategic emerging industries also include new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, and new energy vehicles. Among the stocks in Hong Kong, the solar photovoltaic industry and wind power industry are mainly involved in the new energy industry. Among them, poly GCL (3800-hk) invested in China is one of the few large polysilicon manufacturers in China; Longyuan Power (0916-hk) is the largest wind power producer in China

new energy vehicles are the first to promote BYD shares (1211-hk) held by Warren Buffett. Its pure electric vehicle E6 was delivered in May this year and is planned to be sold in the U.S. market. However, at present, BYD is facing the problem of slowing car sales, and its investment in the stock during the "1035" period needs to be considered from a long-term perspective. (Hong Kong Wen Wei Po)

environmentally friendly and energy-saving building materials will become a new consumption hotspot and economic growth point

under the premise of such fierce competition, opportunities and challenges coexist, how to deal with market changes? Experts from the China Building Materials Market Association pointed out that new technologies and products for energy conservation and consumption reduction will be the future development trend of the household environmental protection building materials industry. With the increasing requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation in the building materials industry and the promotion and application of new energy-saving building materials, the demand for new energy-saving building materials has increased significantly. Relevant people predict that in the next five to ten years, environmental protection and energy-saving building materials will become a new consumption hotspot and economic growth point

the acceptance rate of environmental protection and energy conservation technology housing is 54%

experts from the flooring industry association believe that at present, the domestic home building materials flooring industry is competing to make an issue in reducing formaldehyde emissions. In terms of the flooring market alone, businesses adopt different standards for safe formaldehyde emissions, which often confuse consumers. The expert said that not to mention the F4 standard, many consumers do not even know the E1 and E0 standards. It will take some time for the new environmental protection standards to be familiar to a large number of consumers. Once this new environmental protection standard takes root in the hearts of consumers, many small producers will be squeezed out of the market

in home decoration, the largest part that needs to be treated is the wall. At present, wall decoration mostly adopts wall paint and wallpaper. Recently, the author found a new type of interior wall decoration material in the building materials market?? Diatom mud wall material. Due to its zero pollution, diatom mud products are deeply loved by many decoration and environmental protection experts. Whether it is the decoration of new houses or the renovation of old houses, as long as the walls are made of high-quality diatom mud products, you can enjoy the happiness of healthy decoration without any pollution concerns. It only takes one day of drying time for consumers to move into their new homes

it is reported that the powerful environmental protection function of this material is unmatched by other interior wall decoration materials. Diatom mud injects fresh blood into the enterprise. The main raw material of wall material is diatomite. The main component of diatomite is silicic acid, with countless pores on the surface, and the porosity is more than 90%. It is this outstanding molecular lattice structure feature that determines its unique function: it has extremely strong physical adsorption performance and ion exchange performance, so it can absorb and decompose formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ammonia Tovc (smoke, odor, etc.) harmful substances, and decompose water and oxygen harmless to human body through photosynthesis

the sales of imitation stone products in 2010 were extremely hot. The performance and texture of imitation stone products were better than stone, the visual effect was very lifelike, and they were also much higher than stone in terms of environmental protection and low carbon. Therefore, well-known ceramic tile manufacturers in the industry have produced imitation stone products to meet the needs of consumers for high-grade life and high-end home decoration

the author saw a stone like ceramic tile called geographical stone in the Marco Polo store. The price of its series is not cheap: 600mm 600mm specification, the lowest price per square meter is 598 yuan, the highest price is 888 yuan; 800mm 800mm specification, the lowest price per square meter is 698 yuan, and the highest price is 988 yuan. The salesperson said that the geographical stone is favored by many high-end consumers and is applied to the high-end home decoration of villas

due to the rapid development of new building materials in the past two years, the continuous emergence of new technologies, new materials and new processes has overwhelmed domestic building materials production and circulation enterprises, and new building materials have a large development space. Green, environment-friendly and energy-saving building materials will be the focus and direction of the future home building materials market. (China Securities News)

the goal of future real estate developers: environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology residential

since the two sessions held in March this year, low-carbon life has officially become a hot topic that people enjoy talking about. What is low carbon life like? What kind of house are we going to live in? Relevant professionals assert that with the advantages of environmental protection and energy conservation, high-tech housing will become the mainstream of the market

the trend of the times, science and technology housing has gradually become a new favorite in the market

China's real estate, as one of China's industries with large carbon emissions, in the tide of striving to save resources and energy, the construction of science and technology housing with low energy consumption, health and environmental protection, and high comfort will become an inevitable trend

many developers are gradually aware of this, so we see that more and more buildings under the banner of science and technology housing come out. Central air conditioning system, 24-hour hot and cold water supply system, intelligent monitoring and security system, intelligent network system, perimeter prevention, video monitoring, visual intercom, electronic patrol, electronic bulletin, these intelligent, environmental protection, high-tech technologies have been applied to residential buildings. A master of urban planning once said that the development of housing, from architecture to landscape and then to technology, is like the evolution of clothing. At first, people just cover their bodies with clothes, and then begin to pay attention to the fabric of clothes. Then people pay attention to clothing style and decorative collocation. Now people who are at the forefront are exploring the application of high technology in fabric and tailoring

the acceptance rate of environment-friendly and energy-saving technology housing is 54%

a well-known station once conducted a sampling survey on, with the theme of whether it is willing to accept low-carbon housing. Among the people who participated in the survey, 54% were willing to accept low-carbon buildings. The consenting party believes that low-carbon technology housing, like energy-saving bulbs, should be used early and saved early, and everyone should contribute to reducing carbon emissions, not only for themselves, but also for future generations after excluding the above reasons

not only that, the living comfort of science and technology housing should be higher. Because this kind of building takes into account ecological factors in the overall planning and design of the community and building materials. For example, the design of gardens will be more reasonable, and the building materials will be more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, which will greatly help to improve the quality of living

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