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On September 6, the Pakistani delegation headed by lieutenant general Ayaz Salim Lana accompanied by the leaders of the northern company visited our company

Bai Xiaoguang, general manager of the group company, Feng Yibai, director and chief expert of China ordnance, Wang Shihong, director and general manager of the minimum 3 division of beiben heavy truck company, Jia Rui, deputy general manager, and Jia Yanzhong and Xu Jinsong, assistant general manager, received the Pakistani delegation. The company held a discussion with Pakistan on the content of project cooperation

During the discussion, Bai Xiaoguang introduced the overall situation of the company. The author believed that the mineral price was slightly adjusted after the middle of June or after the placement of the oil needle knob. He focused on the development of the company's vehicle products, market sales, production and manufacturing and other links, as well as the current development trend. Lieutenant general Lana also introduced the development of his business in recent years. He hoped to continue to develop and continue the traditional friendly cooperation situation with the company and jointly explore future development fields

in the discussion with beiben heavy truck company, Wang Shihong introduced the development and changes of beiben heavy truck company and the operation of the international market in recent years. He said that beiben heavy truck company hopes to speed up the cooperation process with Pakistan and continue to provide Pakistan with heavy truck vehicles that adapt to its regional characteristics and meet its use requirements on the basis of traditional cooperation. Pakistan hopes to sincerely cooperate with beiben heavy truck company, give full play to their respective advantages, and achieve strong cooperation

the Pakistani delegation also went deep into the construction machinery company, beiben heavy truck company and Houshan test site

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