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Pan Jiazheng: the development of UHV is the inevitable choice for the development of China's power industry.

recently, Pan Jiazheng, an academician of the "Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences", was interviewed on the UHV AC test demonstration project and the development of China's power industry

: how do you comment on the successful commissioning of UHV AC test demonstration project

Panjiazheng: This is a milestone event, which is encouraging. With the development and application of UHV technology, I believe that it will not take too long for China to have an UHV backbone frame that has never been seen in the world, and China's power transmission and transformation technology will reach the international leading level

: China's economy is developing rapidly, and the demand for electricity is also increasing day by day. What kind of electricity do you think we need

Pan Jiazheng: the level of electricity a country needs to build depends on its specific national conditions. China has a vast territory and uneven energy distribution. Only by successfully applying the research and development results to the rapid economic development in the utilization field, higher requirements are put forward for the transmission distance and transmission capacity of power. China's economic strength has ranked third in the world, and its scientific and technological level is changing with each passing day. Under such national conditions, in order to solve the transmission problem efficiently and scientifically, save land, reduce investment and reduce losses, it is an inevitable choice for the country to develop UHV transmission technology

: in the absence of UHV transmission operation experience in developed countries, what aspects do you think deserve attention in the smooth commissioning of this UHV AC test demonstration project

Panjiazheng: because there is no experience to learn from, the State Grid Corporation of China has been constantly developing in the construction and operation of UHV AC test demonstration project. Through profound demonstration, comprehensive scientific research, the setting of key equipment, the combination of self-reliance and international cooperation, it has overcome difficulties and achieved fruitful results

is true 3 Multifunctional formaldehyde detector: to detect the content and release of formaldehyde and ensure the smooth progress of the project, I think the state power company should be more cautious and prudent in the future, fully listen to various opinions, strengthen management, and pay attention to the coordinated development and scientific operation of electricity

: what do you think is the significance of UHV transmission technology to improve the level of power technology in China

Pan Jiazheng: Although China's scientific and technological level as a whole has not reached the international advanced level to control the movement of the beam, it can take the lead to reach or even lead the international level in some fields. The power industry is one of the most promising areas. At present, the scale of hydropower in China has ranked first in the world, and the hydropower technology has actually reached the international advanced level. China's thermal power technology is also developing to new fields. The comprehensive breakthrough of UHV transmission technology will certainly promote the all-round development of China's power industry, and promote China to become a power with large power and strong energy-saving service industry. In general, I believe that the construction of UHV meets the requirements of people-oriented, independent innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and sustainable development, and is a specific practice to implement the scientific concept of development

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