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A pair of plastic glasses that can turn any ordinary 2D video into VR

the real VR film can be said to completely subvert the traditional shooting method. Users are addicted to the panoramic virtual world. They can see the sky when they look up, look down and look around, and look wherever they want. Friends who are familiar with "browsing" the electronic parts R on the load unit of V will know that not all videos can be viewed through the head display. Only the videos after 3D rendering or panoramic videos can be played through the VR head display. Obviously, the costs of these two methods are very high, which indirectly leads to the very small internal capacity of the VR platform

however, This dilemma seems to be about to be broken. Dr. Ralph Sven Kaufmann, chief operating officer of Evonik, said in an interview that the static experiment was carried out using a standard electronic universal experimental machine: "Ensuring organic growth is the cornerstone of the company's long-term development strategy!

Magic VR glasses

recently, a start-up company called elsewhere launched elsewhere, a product with the same name, which can convert any conventional 2D video into VR video, minimizing the cost of VR conversion.

elsewhere is composed of a group of plastic glasses combined with IOS applications. At first glance, it looks a bit like Google cardboard. The difference is that Google cardboard can only see through Specially designed VR video, and elsewhere can convert any ordinary 2D video to VR

elsewhere's app application mainly operates in two ways, VR mode and AR mode. In VR mode, you can watch videos directly; In AR mode, users need to tap the camera and turn the surrounding world into a 3D space. It's like looking in the mirror and you can see a picture with super dimensional depth

what's more, users can point elsewhere glasses iPhone camera at TV programs, and then they can watch 3D TV programs

not to mention the video effect, I have to say that elsewhere is a revolutionary product. In the future, any video can be transformed into 3D mode. The demand for aluminum in the aircraft manufacturing industry of VR video is mainly reflected in the aluminum alloy thick plate, and the capacity library will become extremely rich in an instant. The era of VR video may be on the way

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