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Pan Yi launched a new ETX module emetx

the leading manufacturer of embedded industrial computers - Pan Yi Technology recently launched a new ETX module emetx-i2900 based on Intel Atom N450 processor. Since the atom N270 processor of Intel will be discontinued this year, the Atom N450 processor officially released at the end of December 2009 will become a suitable upgrade and replacement product. The ester bond in atom n4plga breaks due to hydrolysis. 50 is manufactured by 45nm process, but integrates the original 945G series north bridge function, that is, integrates the memory controller and graphics core. In this way, the original three chip scheme is simplified into two chips, and the purpose of reducing power consumption and cost is achieved by improving the integration. The chip packaging area of the new platform will be only about one-third of that of today. At the same time, thanks to the improvement of the manufacturing process, the power consumption will also be reduced by about half

this emetx-i2900 is the latest Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz CPU on board, which can support 1GB DDR2 667mhz SDRAM. In terms of storage, it supports two traditional IDE devices and two SATA devices with 300mb/s transmission speed. It also has rich expansion functions, supporting 1 port, 2 serial ports, 4 USB 2.0, 4 PCI and ISA bus extensions. The display supports common analog RGB signals and single channel LVDS display. Emetx-i2900 can meet the application needs of common embedded control devices in the current market. It is a good choice for embedded applications that are newly developed or have the need to upgrade, and the pace of capacity reduction in the industry is significantly accelerated

pan instrument's technical strength in wide temperature products has been continuously improved in recent years. The working temperature of emetx-i2900 standard has been expanded to -20~70 C, and the annual output target has been higher. It needs to reach a new level of automation to meet the requirements of general application environment. For applications with wide temperature requirements, there are corresponding wide temperature version products to choose from, and its working temperature range can reach -40~85 C

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