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"Pan intelligent new ecosystem" China telecom terminal industry summit was held

on December 8, China telecom intelligent ecological cooperation and terminal industry summit was held in Chongqing. With the theme of Pan intelligent new ecosystem, the conference comprehensively displayed the development process and achievements of Chinatelecom in promoting transformation strategy 3.0 and building an intelligent ecosystem this year. At the same time, Chinatelecom continues to uphold the concept of open sharing and win-win cooperation, released strategies and measures to further promote the ecological development of business in 2017, and explained in detail the marketing strategy, terminal development, resource investment, cooperation policy and other information of Chinatelecom in 2017, aiming to further strengthen the interaction and cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, expand new space for cooperation, explore new modes of cooperation, and build a new ecosystem of the industry, Continue to create new opportunities for all parties in the industry

Yang Jie, chairman of Chinatelecom group, Yang Xiaowei, general manager, Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager, Steve morenkov, CEO of Qualcomm, and nearly 1000 industry chain partners from terminals, IOT, smart home, cloud and big data, as well as media attended the ecological summit

transformation strategy 3.0 catalyses the development and achieved three firsts in the world in 2016. As a super large state-owned communication backbone enterprise and the main force of information construction, Chinatelecom continues to cultivate broadband Internet and mobile communication networks, and continues to build a more perfect cross regional, full-service comprehensive information service capability and customer service system through strategic transformation

2016 is a milestone year for the transformation and development of Chinatelecom. In order to comply with the trend of the era and the industrial direction of intelligence, Chinatelecom has put forward a 3.0 strategy to adapt to the era of intelligence and transform and upgrade through intelligent traction, focusing on promoting network intelligence, business ecology and operation intelligence, and becoming a leading integrated intelligent information service operator. The release of transformation strategy 3.0 highlights that Chinatelecom leads the digital ecosystem, builds excellent enterprises, builds strong networks, and serves the people's livelihood. This material is called biocompatibility and responsibility, and also depicts a bright prospect for win-win industrial ecological cooperation

under the guidance of transformation strategy 3.0, Chinatelecom has become the world's largest FDD operator, the world's largest optical operator, and the world's largest cdma+fdd terminal market. The three firsts further enhance Chinatelecom's position in the industry. Behind this excellent report card is the hard work of industrial chain partners

in order to express our gratitude to the industrial partners who have made outstanding contributions in various fields of industrial ecology in 2016, at this annual meeting, Chinatelecom selected the most outstanding partners in Tianyi terminal open channel, terminal design, rookie manufacturers, excellent customer service, market performance and other aspects in 2016; It also selected the 2016 Tianyi terminal excellent retail store, excellent agent, excellent chain channel, excellent cooperative e-commerce, IOT, cloud and best partner of big data and other awards; And set up an excellent Exhibition Award for exhibitors who have made outstanding performance in the 2016 Tianyi Expo

carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future, and the five ecosystems in 2017 are progressing synchronously.

with the scientific and technological progress and rapid economic development, social production and consumption have changed from industrialization to automation and intelligence. The rapid development of the industry contains huge market space

in his speech, Yang Xiaowei, general manager of Chinatelecom Corporation, clarified the development direction of Chinatelecom in the 13th Five Year Plan Period: in the 13th Five Year Plan period, Chinatelecom will work with the industrial chain to create five business ecosystems: smart connection, smart home, Internet finance, emerging ICT and IOT

in terms of smart connection ecosystem, Chinatelecom will focus on strengthening smart connection, further promoting industrial cooperation and expanding scale. Chinatelecom will strengthen the basic ability of intelligent connection through the construction of 4G network, optical broadband and Nb IOT, so as to lay a solid foundation for promoting the development of industrial scale. In terms of 4G networks, the total number of Chinatelecom's 4G base stations will reach 1.15 million in 2017, and the world's first low-frequency 4G network based on 800MHz frequency will be built to achieve high-frequency and low-frequency collaborative coverage with existing networks, support high-quality volte, and create a world leading 4G network; In terms of Nb IOT, it has achieved leading low-frequency wide coverage IOT based on 800MHz frequency, built a fully integrated cloud platform and virtual mobile core, and also obtained the European Union certified trademark (vepc), realizing one-point access and full service; In terms of optical bandwidth, Chinatelecom will build the world's leading optical broadband network, basically realize all-optical, lay out Gigabit broadband access in urban areas, and optimize the network through optical and 4G collaborative coverage in rural areas

on this basis, Chinatelecom will carry out multi-dimensional cooperation with its partners. In terms of terminal cooperation, the scale promotes full-mode full frequency dual card all pass; The excellence 100 fund was upgraded, with a total fund of 5.8 billion yuan, and simplified policies and improved efficiency in the use of the fund; In terms of channel cooperation, we should continue to strengthen boutique channels, promote diversified channel cooperation, invest in each other's channel resources with manufacturers, and sometimes suddenly go to the laboratory to make channel business cooperation with openness, and speed up Commission settlement to provide it wisdom support; In terms of traffic cooperation, expand and deepen cooperation with excellent video applications, promote the integration of membership rights and directional traffic, and promote non bill payment

in terms of smart home ecosystem, we will focus on building a connection hub and an open ecosystem, with 90million skywing HD users in 2017 and more than 100 million in 2018. First of all, we will continue to expand the scale of Tianyi HD users, deploy Tianyi Customs on a large scale, generally provide group services, and build a home connection hub; Secondly, create an open platform, speed up the launch of the smart home capability open platform, realize the interoperability of mainstream protocols, and support the interconnection with smart home and other peripherals; Third, we should vigorously expand intelligent applications, focusing on the promotion of 4K HD. According to the prediction of radiant insightsanalysts consulting company, full HD will be available in 2018; We have promoted value-added services and applications such as home cloud, smart group and Tianyi homesickness on a large scale, with more than ten million users

in terms of ecological cooperation, Chinatelecom will give full play to the role of industrial alliance, cooperate with large platforms in the industrial chain, cooperate with ecological partners to promote the upgrading of community stores to smart home experience centers, and actively carry out capital cooperation to pool social high-quality resources through equity participation, joint ventures and other ways to jointly strengthen the ecosystem

in terms of the Internet financial ecosystem, improve product perception and collaborate on a large scale. Chinatelecom will invest special resources to expand three scales, achieving 40million active users, more than 400000 active merchants and more than 1.2 trillion transaction volume in 2017. Through system upgrading and application upgrading, end-to-end process assurance is realized, so as to optimize the customer experience. With the help of Tianyi +nfc bus, Tianyi + hydropower and coal, Tianyi + orange installment, strengthen the payment business model; We will focus on expanding consumer finance, credit reporting, microfinance, factoring and insurance, and promote breakthroughs in the scale of financial business

in terms of the new ICT ecosystem, it will highlight the advantages of cloud integration and work with partners to help industrial upgrading. Intelligent connectivity is the foundation. We should give full play to the advantages of cloud convergence and 5S security. The advantages of cloud convergence are mainly reflected in the national layout of 2+31+x IDC; Take the lead in launching the on demand bandwidth service (VPN BOD), which supports 5-minute opening; Using data center interconnection (DCI) to achieve high-speed between clouds, with a delay of 20ms. The 5S security assurance system includes five advantageous capabilities: system, service, standard, confidentiality and sustainability. Intelligent platform capability is the key. Gradually build big data capability, open the platform with interconnection + capability, encapsulate communication, location, traffic, security, self-service and other capabilities, open to the outside world and gather high-quality social resources; Intelligent application is the focus of cooperation, focusing on key areas such as government affairs, education, health care, industrial interconnection and so on

in order to effectively support industrial ecological cooperation, Chinatelecom will take resource sharing and benefit sharing as the goal, establish interconnection + laboratory, cooperate and innovate business model, actively explore capital cooperation, and actively promote ecological construction

in terms of IOT ecosystem, Chinatelecom will strengthen its network capacity, launch connection management platform and business enabling platform, strengthen the foundation of ecological cooperation, and provide incentive policies of more than 100 million yuan to support the development of IOT based on 800m heavy farming and the coverage of Nb IOT network. Build the core competence of the platform and expand the market. For the smart city market, we will launch key modules such as public safety, intelligent transportation and intelligent medical treatment, integrate IOT into the smart city function module, and integrate direct marketing channels. For the vertical industry market, Chinatelecom will promote standard product traction and expand key areas such as manufacturing, energy, car service, logistics, etc. For the personal consumption market, for popular products such as rearview mirrors and wearable devices, we will implement list level cooperation and collaborative marketing with excellent suppliers in various fields, open self-service and platform capabilities, and take advantage of scale development

in 2017, intellectualization will have a more profound impact on social development and people's lives. China Telecom will firmly grasp the trend of the intelligent era, continue to uphold the concept of openness, sharing and win-win cooperation, root in the industrial ecosystem, expand cooperation space, continue to create new opportunities for all parties in the industry, and strive to create a more brilliant future

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