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Palletizing robots will dominate the future palletizer market

at present, user enterprises usually choose four palletizing methods for palletizing: first, manual palletizing; The second is to use the traditional palletizer; Third, palletizing robot is used for palletizing; Fourth, fully automated palletizing equipment is used to complete palletizing. At present, the traditional palletizer is widely used in enterprises, and in terms of the development trend, the development of palletizing robot can not be underestimated

about palletizing robot

palletizing robot has strong operational flexibility. It is generally located in the rear section of the production line and is used to handle pallets with small volume and different types. It is a kind of equipment between the traditional palletizer and the fully automated palletizer. With the continuous improvement of the reliability and other performance of the palletizing robot system, it has been comparable to the fully automatic random storage palletizing system to some extent

there are many types of robotic palletizers, but they can be generally divided into two types: fixed base type and bench type. Bench type robots usually hang on the cross beam at the top of the bench or large support, and the land occupation is larger than that of the fixed base type. FKI logistex installed the bench type system. The bench type robot can handle 20 different pallets, which is especially suitable for end users such as gum and tobacco manufacturers. Compared with the fixed base frame stacking robot, the bench type robot can handle heavier loads, is more expensive, has slower production speed, occupies more land, and is suitable for large box and low production line

compared with traditional palletizing equipment, palletizing robot has more advantages

end users usually wander between traditional palletizing machines and palletizing robots when choosing palletizing equipment. English mountain spring water, which provides PET bottled water for cracker barrel restaurants in Dandridge, Tennessee, faces such a choice

at first, English mountain spring water wanted to buy the traditional palletizer, but finally chose the Kr robot produced by KUKA robotics. This robot system, assembled by aidco international, is only about 10000 dollars more expensive than the traditional palletizer. John burreson, the president of the company, said, "this is a multi-functional system, which can be installed anywhere in the factory by the national large-scale manufacturers of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd., and can also be reassembled to do other work."

the traditional palletizer needs to be equipped with additional carton conveying equipment, which will bring problems such as noise and machine maintenance

due to space constraints, some factories cannot install traditional palletizer systems, and can only install palletizing robots. A beam or a pillar in the factory, or there is not enough space in the rear section of the production line, will make the factory unable to install the traditional palletizer; For the robot, just give it enough space to reach the production line

palletizing robot is durable, simple and convenient

Matthew job, senior engineer of palletizing and packaging of FANUC robot company, asserted that "in the future, palletizing technology will gradually transfer to palletizing robot technology." The robot is stronger and more energetic. It is possible to make an error every 60000 hours of work. Analyze the reason: and the structure is simple. Except for four motors and four reducers, others are linkage devices, so few parts will be damaged. "

FKI logistex can produce both traditional palletizing machines and palletizing robots. Pat O'Connor, product manager of the company's palletizing system, said: "the competition between the two has gradually become white hot. I dare say that the competition between the palletizing robot and the traditional palletizing machine is a peak competition. Customers prefer to use robot technology, although the price of the traditional palletizing machine is relatively cheap."

in some applications, the palletizing robot, like the traditional palletizer, can carry a whole layer of boxes at a time. Kevin Alberts, regional sales director of brenton engineering, said that some customers use robots to replace the traditional palletizer when it breaks down. Usually, these robot systems have layer forming platforms and arm tail processing devices, which can lift the whole layer of boxes. Alberts said, "the palletizing robot can also replace different layers of templated pallets; its palletizing speed can even reach 100 small boxes/minute; the palletizing robot is equipped with a low-level carton infeed device, and uses a flexible chassis, which is conducive to the good layout of the workshop; in addition, its performance is reliable, and most of it uses software that users can easily master and use, which can quickly convert and stack different boxes." O'Connor believes that for a long time in the future, palletizing robots will develop in the direction of directly lifting and placing objects, rather than combining other technologies to improve production speed

excellent flexibility of palletizing robot

palletizing robot still maintains the flexibility advantage of traditional palletizing equipment. Job said: "compared with highly automated palletizing machine, flexibility is the main advantage we give robots." Retailers' requirements for the size and structure of cartons vary, and many retailers want a variety of loading forms. Therefore, the pallet loading template of the palletizing equipment often needs to be replaced, which requires the palletizing equipment to have high flexibility

compared with traditional palletizing equipment, palletizing robot is much easier to do these. For the former, changing the pallet template will be a major mechanical change; For the latter, it is a trivial matter of changing the procedure. The pallet template replacement procedures provided by different palletizing robot suppliers are also different. Most suppliers provide end users with initial pallet template settings, and end users can add the required new templates themselves. In most cases, it requires special electrical engineers or trained workers to complete the program changes. However, some robot manufacturers claim that the program change of their pallet template system can be completed by anyone in the factory through the operation interface

at the same time, some manufacturers believe that "although the pallet template of the palletizing robot looks relatively simple, its replacement process is not as easy as advertised." Because the change of pallet template needs the support of software, and usually every software has a patent. Take fallas automation, which is currently focusing on the manufacturing of carton packaging robots, but the palletizing robot system can only be put into production after Allen Bradley completes the development of pallet template software

the most cutting-edge application of palletizing robot cold storage palletizing

one of the most cutting-edge applications of palletizing robot is cold storage palletizing. O'Connor said, "people believe that cold storage palletizing has great development potential long before the release of Galaxy S3." Manually stacking cartons into pallets in the frozen storage area is the hardest and most boring work in any food enterprise. The low temperature in the cold storage will make people feel uncomfortable, but for robots, it is fatal. The cold air will freeze the lubricant and shrink the metal. Even a tiny shrinkage will cause damage to the robot bearing

now there is no good way for people. Robot manufacturers can only apply the method of dealing with cold to robots: putting clothes on robots. Many robots in refrigerators wear clothes made of vinyl or other materials and are equipped with electronic heating devices. O'Connor said, "robot manufacturers tend to use the 'band aid' method to put a 'clothes' on the robot arm. The problem with this method is that customers have invested a lot of money to maintain the operation of the cold storage, and you are heating it now."

some robot manufacturers, including Motoman and KUKA, design and produce palletizing robots for cold storage. The lubricants and bearings of these robots can withstand the test of cold environment and work normally without heating

palletizing robot is a multifunctional palletizing equipment, which is a choice for the later packaging production line. With the improvement of technology, its function will be more and more perfect

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