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Pampers launched the first-class Gang plus series diapers imported from Japan

on March 21, Pampers, a world-renowned baby care brand, joined hands with Xiaomi's Tongtai Xiaoliu 10 action children's brand Mitu, which has repeatedly "stones, scissors, and cloth", to launch a new "golden sleep plan", and jointly released the first-class Gang plus series diapers, a combination of "sleeping God" that coaxes fast and sleeps soundly, With the meter rabbit intelligent story machine carrying pampers sleeping song, Pampers sleeping song will be sent to more than 3million meter rabbit intelligent story machine cloud user families. Users can voice wake up sleeping songs with just one click, and create a better sleeping environment for babies with a new way of AI intelligent companionship

at the press conference, Pampers launched the newly upgraded Japanese imported first-class plus series diapers. Pampers first-class help was launched in August 2017 and received unanimous praise from Chinese mothers. On the basis of the original, Yibang plus specially designs a weak acid skin friendly surface, which effectively protects the skin barrier, stabilizes the skin surface environment, better resists external stimuli, and makes the baby's ass feel more comfortable. While maintaining the breathability and softness of the first-class upper, the absorption of the first-class upper plus has also increased by 20%, lasting and dry, providing a better sleep experience for babies

pampers also invited sleep experts and the author of "complete book of infant sleep" Xiaotu Daheng to bring you dry baby sleep goods. As for the cultivation of baby's sleep habits, Xiaotu pointed out the importance of music. The rhythm can not only make the baby feel happy, but also make the parents relax, imperceptibly transfer calm to the baby, and accelerate the process of falling asleep. In addition, sleeping babies also have high requirements for diapers. Discomfort such as sticky and muggy and inappropriate size will increase the probability of babies waking up at night. Therefore, a piece of dry and breathable diapers is also an important guarantee for babies' golden sleep. The experimental machine (UTM) can be conditioned at different speed levels

this cross-border combination with Mimi rabbit, which has a high elongation with small polymer materials, can also use mechanical mixing instead of manual mixing in the foaming process. Xu Feng, director of pampers brand, said that pampers understands the importance of sleep for babies and has been committed to creating better sleep for babies; Relying on Xiaomi's in-depth smart home system, Mitu brand is providing intelligent and scene based companion services for more young families. In the future, the two sides will carry out more strategic cooperation, enable intelligent parenting with science and technology, and send love to thousands of families

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