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Palm type portable printer

brother industry company recently published a wide 100 × Depth 160 × The thermal printer "mw-100" is 17.5mm thick and can be held in the palm of your hand. The product is suitable for connecting to a portable information terminal (PDA) to output invoices, quotations and other business purposes. The price varies according to the purchase quantity, about 49800 yen (about 3100 yuan). Its launch date is August 1, and its sales target for the first year is 2000 units

The printing resolution of

mw-100 is 300dpi. The printing speed is A7 (74) per print × 105mm) paper takes 15 seconds. Print range is 69 × 100m this series of friction and wear tester has many experimental methods, including M combustible and highly corrosive materials. In addition to using A7 size special thermal paper, you can also press the power switch to use A7 size special labels and special cutting paper. The price of A7 thermal paper is 300 yen (about 19 yuan) per bag of 50 sheets

The connection interface of

mw-100 is equipped with USB and IrDA (irda1.2 standard), corresponding to windows98/2000/me/xp, Pocket PC 2002 and other OS. When using the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the mw-100 can print 100 sheets continuously, weighing 300g

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