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Recent developments in the polyester Market in Western Europe

1. The hardness value of Vickers hardness tester needs to measure the diagonal length first.

the main feature of the polyester Market in Western Europe in June is the reduction in demand. Polyester manufacturers explained that it was caused by bad weather for the first time in 1999. According to estimates from various sources, the sales volume of the product in June is estimated to be at the lower middle level, and far lower than the sales level of the same period in previous years

to some extent, this year's buying season has ended, and traders do not think that polyester demand will increase in recent years with the weather improving. However, Polyester manufacturers still take the number of remaining cells equal to the long segment [an even number of people are optimistic and hope that the hot July and August will increase the product price due to the increase in demand in these two months. Although the raw material price in June is stable, the polyester manufacturers still emphasize the need to increase the production income.

according to the analysis of existing materials, the price of polyester was increased by euros per ton in June, and one manufacturer said that it has increased its sales price by 50 euros per ton.

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